How to choose my Vanities? 

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How to choose my Vanities? 

Ideal for storing jewelry, make-up, or hairbrushes, the vanity unit always adds a nice touch of coquetry and femininity to a bedroom or bathroom. Designers are rivals in ingenuity when it comes to bringing modern or more classic furniture to life. How to choose a dressing table adapted to your needs and your home?

  1. Why shouldn’t you wait to get a vanity unit?

Halfway between the desk and the chest of drawers, the dressing table offers you a privileged space for well-being and invites you to dedicate a moment to yourself every day. A modern dressing table fulfills several functions at the same time, since it offers you additional space for your objects (jewelry and Makeup Vanities, among others), transforms the atmosphere of the room, and has real decorative and aesthetic potential.

Nothing better than buying a dressing table to furnish a corner of your bedroom and to create a more welcoming and feminine atmosphere. 

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  1. What are the different types of dressing tables?

Current tastes are divided among several dressing table families: 

          The dressing table is a piece of furniture that generally does not have a mirror and that, as its name suggests, combines the functions of a dressing table and a writing table. Its dimensions are sufficient both to store all kinds of beautiful accessories and to work calmly.

          The dressing table with mirror, or make-up table, is the most widespread variant of this piece of furniture. It is made up of the main structure with storage compartments and one or more mirrors. It is a piece of furniture exclusively devoted to make-up and beauty, and its all-in-one spirit is very practical to save time.

          The chest of drawers differs from previous models in that it does not offer a space for the legs and, therefore, does not allow sitting in front of it. This inconvenience is offset by a larger storage volume.

          The trunk dressing table is the best possible ally for inveterate travelers! This huge faux-leather suitcase opens in just a few moves to reveal a stunning mobile vanity with a mirror and plenty of drawers. 

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  1. What dimensions to choose for a dressing table?

There are dressing tables in different sizes, and the choice of the most suitable format will obviously depend on your tastes and your storage needs, but also on the space you have in your bedroom or bathroom. Are you looking for a solution for small surfaces? Many of the pieces of furniture are only 50 to 100 centimeters long, so you won’t have a hard time finding a place for them in a small room. You should also consider purchasing a [strong]corner Vanities[/strong] to optimize space occupancy. 

Do you dream of white Makeup Vanities, big and beautiful, like that of movie stars? Some models can reach a length of 150 centimeters and allow themselves eccentricities such as the presence of several mirrors or a multitude of compartments and hiding places.

The height of the vanity mirror is also an aspect to consider: ideally, you should be able to sit comfortably and naturally while still being able to see your full face in the mirror.

  1. What materials?

The vast majority of Vanities are made of wood or MDF particleboard. The warmth of wood always offers a particularly aesthetic result.In addition, it is the best option if you are looking for a cheap dressing table: prices range between €50 and €150 approximately for a basic dressing table.

  1. What style to choose for my dressing table?

The baroque dressing table is still inspiring many buyers! Characterized by its curved and generous lines, as well as its sumptuously framed mirrors, this piece of furniture brings a delicious antique charm that will delight all those, young and old, who seek a princess decoration. Modern or Scandinavian-style dressing tables have a much more sober and functional vocation, with rectilinear edges and greater priority given to the number of storage spaces and practical details. These pieces of furniture have the advantage of integrating easily into most contemporary interiors.