How to Choose A Perfect Server For Your Minecraft Game

Berry Mathew

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How to Choose A Perfect Server For Your Minecraft Game

Online minecraft is becoming a popular sandbox video game among friends and family. The game comes with vibrant features which is a heavy hit with kids. Research shows that millions of people especially kids are now playing minecraft online yearly. Whether you are playing minecraft with friends or family, you need a minecraft server. The server allows you to connect with other players through the central computer which will host the game software. But for a better experience, you need to choose the best Minecraft servers which are secure and dedicated. So depending on what you want, you need to pay attention certain factors and decide what applies to your situation. Below are these factors in detail:

The cost of the minecraft server

The price is one of the main factors to consider in choosing a minecraft server hosting provider. The cost should also cater to basic mechanics that arise when one wants to play with friends. Carefully evaluate the hosting packages before settling for one that works best for you. Make sure the plan you are choosing is as cheap as possible depending on how you want to play the game with friends.

Location and speed

The location of the server location affects the speed and response time. Therefore, when choosing a minecraft server hosting, it is important to consider the geographical area of your players. The closer the server is to the players, the faster data transfer and vice visa. That means your game is likely to load quicker if the server is closer to you compared to when you are far away from the server. Since you don’t want to wait for long before the game gets loaded, always try to find out where your target player base lives before deciding on your minecraft server hosting. 

The version of minecraft

It is important to choose an appropriate host depending on the version you’re looking to run. The two most common versions of minecraft include java and bedrock each of which come with different cost implications. Since java and bedrock users can’t play on the same server, the minecraft server type you want to run is a very important consideration to make. Better still, you can set up two different servers if you want both versions. Although this will definitely increase the costs, it is a good decision as well.

Customer support 

When choosing minecraft to serve to host, makes sure customer support is available 24/7. Excellent customer service comes with surpassing expectations, and they should be able to interact with them in a friendly manner. Always demand to know from your potential provider about their automatic resolution process in a situation where you experience navigation concerns. 


In this digital age, the minecraft game tops the list of the best that kids can play. The game is known to improve creative thinking. Besides, the survival mode of the game also brings fun. However, with the current digital technology, earning new ways is the only way to save you. The same applies when choosing the kind of minecraft server. Great gaming experience start with choosing the best Minecraft servers. Good luck.