How To Check For A Hidden Camera Behind A Mirror

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How To Check For A Hidden Camera Behind A Mirror

If you’re paranoid about being recorded in public, then you must read this article. 

If you think someone is spying on your every move, there are plenty of ways of spotting hidden cameras

Turn off the lights and flash a flashlight across the mirror surface.

Turn off the lights in the room and then flash a flashlight across the mirror’s surface. If there’s no glass or other material behind it, you should see an endless loop of reflections from your light source.

 If all you see is one reflection, you’ve got a hidden camera in your hands! You can also use your smartphone if you do not have a flashlight. 

To check for a hidden camera behind a mirror, use the light from your smartphone to illuminate the surface. You can use the flashlight app or shine it directly into the mirror. If there are multiple reflections of your hand or the light source—even in different colors if you have colored bulbs—then there’s no glass, and there’s no need to worry. 

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If there’s a small opening, it could be a pinhole camera, which generally doesn’t use any glass.

If you have a mirror with a small opening at the bottom, it makes spotting hidden cameras easy. 

Pinhole cameras are generally used in places where the person who is watching you doesn’t need to see your face. For example, they may watch people in a dressing room or check if their customers are stealing something.

They don’t use any glass, so they leave no reflections behind. They also don’t have an obvious lens because it would make them more prominent and easier to spot from outside the room. If you look at the reflection of your eyes through a pinhole camera lens, it will look like a space behind them (and probably make your pupils look super large).

Tap the mirror with your knuckles to listen for a change in sound.

To test for a hidden camera behind a mirror, tap the mirror with your knuckles to listen for a change in sound. If there is no difference between the sound of your knuckles tapping on a solid surface and when you tap the wall or door next to it, then there’s nothing behind that mirror. 

However, if there is some sort of difference in how they sound (e.g., hollow or metallic), it could indicate something being placed between those two surfaces—such as a hidden camera!

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A two-way mirror is made of glass over a layer of Plexiglas or clear plastic acrylic.

If you suspect a two-way mirror might exist independently, you’ll need to look for distinct and noticeable characteristics. A two-way mirror is made of glass over a layer of plexiglas or clear plastic acrylic. The Plexiglas or plastic acrylic is usually tinted, often blue, green, or red.


If you doubt there is a threat to your security; you must take action immediately. Protecting your privacy includes installing motion-activated flood lights on your property or installing surveillance equipment inside and outside your home. The most important thing is being aware of what’s happening around you so that no one can ever surprise you with an unwanted intrusion.