How to carry your wedding band with style

Charlotte Miller

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Throughout the years, exchanging rings has become one of the traditions followed in the wedding worldwide. Thus, a wedding band becomes a symbol of love, faithfulness, and devotion. Moreover, your wedding ring exhibits not only your style but also your values. Therefore, your wedding ring is a piece of ornament that is highly valued and one of the greatest possessions. 

You must be wondering whether you should wear your engagement and wedding bands together or not and if you are going to match your engagement and wedding band, then what designs you should choose so that they can go along together.

Parallel rings

It would help if you were aspiring for your engagement ring and wedding bands to match perfectly. In this case, you can select a ring set that fits flawlessly. In this perfectly paired rings set, you will get rings with identical gemstones with the exact details. These perfectly matched sets of engagement rings will look marvelous together. 

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Horizontal versus contoured bands

If you match your engagement band and wedding band and if your engagement ring has natural arches, you will have to select your wedding ring, which will have contours to match your engagement ring perfectly. This type of wedding band is also called a shadow band. This wedding band comes with a subtle arch, which helps adjust the engagement ring to make it a perfect match.

Valuable metal

If you are willing to purchase a wedding ring that conforms flawlessly with your engagement ring, you will have to consider the metal of your wedding band similar to your engagement band. Thus, you can select from a broad spectrum of metals available for you, for example, platinum, 18-carat gold, 14-carat gold, and many more. If the metal of both bands is the same, you will be able to maintain the rings appropriately. 

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Carrying the nuptials band individually

You may also be willing to select a wedding band that you will be going to wear separately. Do not forget to choose a wedding band wisely since you will be keeping it with yourself for your whole lifetime.

Extraordinary wedding bands

It is not always necessary that you match your engagement and wedding bands perfectly. You can also opt for a unique wedding band, and you may display it individually.

Stackable wedding bands

When you get bored of wearing a single wedding band all the time, you might as well pair it with other different kinds of bands and layer it. Then, it may attract attention and regain your interest. The layering of bands goes very well in functions like anniversaries, also known as ring stacking.

Vintage wedding bands

These wedding bands serve magnificent characteristics like hand graving and other unique skills of craftsmanship. Vintage pieces involve the use of extraordinary diamonds. Incorporating a vintage band can never be a blunder, for it brings in more character and antiquity, perfect to pair with an engagement ring.

It does not matter whether you match your engagement band with your wedding band as it is totally up to you. You only need to keep in mind that your wedding band exhibits your most outstanding obligation, and it also expresses your affection for your partner. If you are hunting for a unique wedding band, then you can also select from