How to Add Page Numbers on PDFBear

Charlotte Miller

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Looking for specific information on your report? It may take some time to scroll over more than ten pages worth of PDF files! The best way to find particular data is via page number. Once you have this on your PDF files, you will never have to waste your precious time ever again!

Page Numbering: How Does it Help?

Like reading our favorite book, we tend to capture memorable lines and post them on social media. Often, we use a bookmark. Nonetheless, when we look back again to these texts, we often search for the pages we remember. In this article, you will get to know where and how to add page numbers to PDF!

Page numbering makes it easy for us to locate necessary information, identify your PDF page’s order, and know if you have a page missing. As convenient as it seems, adding page numbers on PDFs can be a problem for most users who do not have any PDF editing tools on our devices.

However, we may find it familiar to put page numbers on Word documents. In fact, it’s way more manageable compared to PDF since our computers and laptops have pre-installed word processors. With just a few clicks, you can add page numbers to your Word documents.

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Online vs. Downloadable PDF Editing Tool

Prices are going up, and we understand that we have to value the essentials over our wishes. But can we have essential tools for free? Several companies are creating PDF editing tools for lower prices and sometimes for free! You can either download them on your device or use them online.

With simple editing like page numbering, we may think that perhaps we should download PDF tools on our computer. There is nothing wrong with a free downloadable PDF editing tool. If you plan on using them for a long time, it can be the best option. But how about for students and small business owners?

If you do not always edit PDF files, a free online PDF editing tool can be the best option for you! Anyone can add page numbering on PDF files or do quick editing without waiting for minutes or hours just to download and install an app!

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Platform Compatibility 

Many users are either encountering harmful software or compatibility issues when downloading PDF apps over the internet. They may be free but always check the internet for reviews to avoid these problems in the future. 

But you can also take the road less traveled and try out online PDF editing tools instead! Web-based tools, such as PDFBear, work on all types of computer operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, and others widely used nowadays! 

As long as you have an internet connection, you can process all types of PDF editing on PDFBear, especially on its “Add Page Numbers to PDF” tool! Since it is online, all you have to do is open the tool on PDFBear’s website. You can even access several mobile devices available in the market.

Page Numbering on PDFBear

The tool is free for use and compatible with every platform. Sounds like your ultimate PDF editing tool, right? We often think that there must be a catch! It can’t be this perfect. Well, there isn’t. It just gets better!

If you think adding page numbers on your word processors is an easy task, PDFBear’s Add Page Numbers to PDF tool is a no brainer! All you need to do is follow the short instructions provided on the page, and you will get your PDFs page numbered in no time!

To start the task, upload your files from your device storage or Dropbox by clicking or dragging your files on the “Select Files” button. Next, it’s time to add your page numbers! Choose where you want your numbers to be, edit the number you want the pages to start, or select the pages where you want the numbering to begin. Just click and choose!

You will get a short preview below on where and how your PDF file will be numbered. If you’re satisfied with your choices, hit the “Number Pages” button! In a few seconds, your page numbered PDF file is ready for download. You can save it directly to your device storage or Dropbox. You can also send a download link to your colleagues.

More Perks for PRO Account

As mentioned, PDFBear is free for use. However, you only have limited PDF editing tasks within a day. If you want unlimited conversions, you can sign up for their PRO account and get more in a few dollars. For just 5.99 USD/month or 59.99 USD/year, avail of their cloud storage and work on PDFBear’s tools without advertisements!

Furthermore, their PRO account allows PDFBear’s users to access convenient functions like letting you rename your files before downloading them. For their Add Page Numbers to PDF tool, you can get your hands on the Bates Numbering feature, perfect for legal documents!


Page numbers allow you to reference pages without the hassle of going through them repeatedly. Add your page numbers now without hassle on PDFBear’s Add Page Numbers to PDF tool. It’s fast, easy, and free! Check PDFBear’s website for more editing tools and features.