How Modern Running Shoes Have Run a Long Way

Charlotte Miller

If you study running shoes these days, they have come a long way to what they are today. Back in the day, shoe designs were minimalistic. Now, after researching them, a lot of new elements are being added to them. Here are a few changes that have come about in running shoes:

Midsoles with two purposes

Running shoes with foam and shock absorbers were developed after sportspersons complained of feelings of pain and shock when their feet landed on the ground. For example, Jordan 4 has support wings and netting along with polyurethane midsoles so that the number of injuries a runner would be sustaining would be much less than before. Extra air soles are added to the heel of these shoes. Thus, many other shoe brands are also being developed so that sportspersons do not suffer at the end of the day from injuries and more. Even though there are different kinds of foams being used by different shoe brands, they are both responsive and cushioned to protect your feet.

Mesh uppers that have been engineered

Upon studying various running shoes, it has been concluded that they should be light in weight so that not only does the speed of the runner improve but also their gait is enhanced. The shoes are also being designed based on their comfort factor. However, they are also being made secure and durable. The foaming was later placed at the top of the shoes so that they did not hurt the runner in any way. Some shoe brands have tried to make their shoes breathable and comfortable along with engineered meshes for the same reason. Thus, running shoes began to be engineered more and more accurately by the day. 

Fiber plates made of carbon

The fiber plates that have been made of carbon are said to render solid support to the runner or sportsperson when they jump up. Thus, it helps conserve a lot of energy, which would have otherwise been used up in returning to the ground. Many of the marathoners have benefitted a lot from these newly designed shoes. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to improve running shoes. These and many other features were slowly introduced one after the other in modern running shoes so that everyone could benefit from them.

The ultimate evolution

Modern running shoes are being developed in many different ways so that people can be well-protected while jumping or even running. Nowadays, shoes are being designed such that they give maximum comfort and safety to runners and sportspersons alike. There are many more features that people are looking forward to since many strides have already been made in the development of sports shoes. People’s paradigms change every day, and so many new designs are also being introduced by shoemakers. Thus, running shoes have come to a stage where they are being appreciated for what they are now, and the appreciation will increase soon enough.