How Manifestation Journal Can Help With Your Goals 

Charlotte Miller

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How Manifestation Journal Can Help With Your Goals 

A manifestation journal is a physical journal where you write everything you wish to attach to your life. Many people agree that having a book where they can see their goals daily spurs them to work towards those goals and achieve them. 

Once you have written a plan or wish in your manifestation journal, you must keep reading it every day until your desire becomes internalized. This positive approach to your goal will affect your productivity and help to make your wish a reality. 

Does Having a Manifestation Journal Work?

There is no scientific evidence to back the effect of manifestation journals yet. However, numerous studies have proven journaling to be healthy. Here are some benefits of using a manifestation journal or a self care journal

    • You Become Happier: A 2013 study done by the University of Michigan revealed that journaling for at least twenty minutes every day lowered the depression scores of people with significant depression. 
  • You Become More Mindful: Sitting down and writing your ideas, goals, and wishes in a journal is an excellent way to be more mindful. Being mindful starts with being aware of your goals by paying attention to them on purpose. Being mindful can improve sleep, and stress reduction, increase productivity and heighten focus. A manifestation journal can help you achieve these things. 
  • Your Communication Skills Will Improve: We must all strive to be better at communication. Journaling is a great way to do this. This is because you are turning your thoughts and ideas into words. Writing has strong connections to speaking. There is a high probability of becoming a better speaker if you are a good writer. 

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Ways to Start a Manifestation Journal 

If you want to begin your manifestation journaling and don’t know how to start, follow these simple steps to star:

    • Write All the Goals You Want to Manifest: To start a manifestation journal, you need to list everything you want to manifest in your life. Don’t hold back. No matter how little or silly it might sound to others, write it all down. 
  • Meditate on Your Goals: You have to look at your goals from a great perspective. Play all your goals out in your mind like a movie. See it, feel it, and experience it. 
  • Write to Your Future Self: Write a letter to yourself in six months to one year. Write the letter like you have achieved your goals. Ensure the goals you write about are what you would have achieved during six months to one year. So, be kind to yourself.
  • Be Grateful: Be grateful and humble. Fusing this into your manifestation journey is crucial. You will be at a high vibration, which will, in turn, attract positive results. 

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Final Thoughts 

A manifestation journal is essential to track your goals and stay mindful. It is a great way to list all the things you want to achieve within a specific period. However, it’s best to find a journal that will excite you to write when you don’t feel like writing. Click here to see beautiful journals designed to meet your journaling needs!