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How GPS tracker for car is a boon for your vehicle?

by Paresh Bramhane
How GPS tracker for car is a boon for your vehicle?

There is always a joyful rush to buy cars and two-wheelers during festivals, but have you heard about the rush for buying vehicles during a pandemic? Probably not, but it’s true that after the COVID 19 breakout, people have rushed to market for buying bike or cars not due to joy but because of fear. Fear of getting in contact with a COVID positive while travelling through public transport. People are trying to protect themselves from COVID by purchasing a vehicle, but they should also consider buying a GPS tracker to protect their car.

One of my friends named Neil bought a car after working some years for an MNC with the huge annual package, so he decided to buy a Swift Dzire, and he bought it everyone was very happy in his family, after all, it is the first time he has bought such an expensive thing from his salary and savings. He also called me, and I congratulated him and suggested installing a GPS tracker for car to make things perfect, but he denied it by saying that “I’m not interested.” I was shocked because how can someone not interested in securing own vehicle. After a week I get to know that he lost his car in theft when I asked how did it happen, he said: “I parked my car outside the house after coming from the office as usual, but when I woke up in the morning I saw my car wasn’t there.” I felt very sorry for him, but his vehicle could have been saved if he had installed a car GPS tracker.

Why do we need a vehicle tracking system?

Here are the five advantages of a car GPS:

  1. Anti-Theft:

As I have discussed, the incident with my friend makes it necessary for all vehicle owners to install a car tracker. The anti-theft alarm sends you a notification if any suspicious person tries to start or unlock your vehicle; it also alerts you in case of towing. With the help of GPS for car, you can save your vehicle from getting stolen and can stay alert via theft alarm.

  1. Overspeed:

If one of your friends has a habit of an overspeeding car to overtake others and asks you for a car often, then let me warn your friend and your car life of both are in danger. Unfortunately, bad habits are very hard to go by; however, you can stay updated about your vehicle’s speed with the help of Overspeed alerts through GPS device for the car. This function allows you to set a particular speed limit; if your car exceeds the marked speed limit, you will be notified automatically.

  1. Safe-Zone:

It allows you to create a Geofence around a specific area like a home, office, or kids’ school; after creating a safe zone, you get a notification whenever your vehicle enters or exits the area. If you have kids who go to school regularly and for the reaching and exit time, you have to rely on your driver; then its a handy feature. Through this, you can create a safe zone around your child’s school and stay updated about the entry and exit time.

  1. Past Data:

Moving on is a ‘Mantra’ which everyone gives you throughout life whenever you tell about your problems. However, when we talk about past data of a car tracking system, you should not move on without looking into the past data storage of your vehicle. Maybe you find something which your driver has hidden from you so far. Most of the GPS service providers give you past storage up to one month, but if you want more flexible past data, then you can go for Onelap Telematics GPS.

  1. Save Money:

Some people have myths and assumptions about the GPS tracker that it must be very expensive and not worth the money, but what if I tell you that it worth every single penny. For example, an average GPS system for car price starts from INR 4,000; however, if you want a more low-cost solution, you can opt for the Onelap Telematics GPS tracker, whose price starts from INR 3,000. Therefore, a mere investment can secure your assets worth millions.


All of the above points, analysis and facts prove that a car tracking device is a boon. Therefore, if you are purchasing a quality car, you should get a GPS tracking device installed.

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