How Do You Make Virtual Team Meetings Fun?

Charlotte Miller

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Sharing a box of doughnuts or a cup of coffee is kind of difficult and physically impossible during a virtual team meeting. But there are several different ways in which you can try to make every company team meeting engaging, fun as well as productive and bonding. 

At Jambar Team Building, we do not only just plan great virtual team building activities, but also put our teams together to develop interesting ideas to provide companies with solutions to make their team meetings more engaging to increase participation and build teamwork. 

Here we have listed 5 easy and inexpensive  virtual team building activities to make your remote team meetings more enjoyable for you and your employees. 

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Team building activities

Collaborative activities and exercises are an excellent way to increase participation of the employees during your meeting sessions and it also gives them a sense of joy and amusement to be a part of a team. 

You can plan some simple activities or games before one hand and start your meetings with these activities. Games like “never have I ever (office edition, of course)”  or online Bingo could be good team building activities.  Games like these are proven to motivate and inspire collaborative team spirit coordination within team members and encourage interaction.

All of these factors boost the entertainment value of your team meetings and essentially improve teamwork and overall productivity.

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Testing the wow factor

Every person has their own different nature and behaviour. Everybody in your team may not necessarily feel always comfortable with sudden group activities. Hence you might notice them not participating as much as other team members. 

Not everyone would be at ease writing mad libs for telling their secrets in public. Some just need some time to be warned ahead to prepare answers. 

This also gives you a chance to plan grandeur events with activities such as Trivia, comedy acts, or dress ups, or plan special occasion events such as something for Halloween or Christmas. 

These activities not only encourage team bonding and communication but also offer an opportunity to express your own talents as well as your colleagues’. 

Play games during the meeting

Rather than using ice breakers or closing practices, you can plan elaborate games that demand participation of all employees during new meetings. 

This is a great way to keep all team members engaged throughout the meeting. Here are some virtual team building activities that you could plan for your weekly team meetings:

  • Buzzwords
  • Treasure hunt
  • Copycat

If you find these games to be effective you could use them over your meetings monthly or weekly. Employees can be kept involved and observant by allowing them to be a part of this sort of team activities. You can also create your own additional games to keep your teammates always on check!

Keeping the meeting short and to the point

You may be able to create the most amusing virtual team building activities, but still if you run out of time your efforts will become futile. Several people ignore and underestimate the fact that the best way to have a good time throughout a team meeting or virtual conference is to keep the meeting to the point and precise. 

You must plan and set a particular time to address the agenda of the meeting and also plan your team building activities around it. This helps you to divert your attention from the clock and put all your attention into the meeting and make sure that your team members are involved in the meeting and are not getting bored. 

Utilize more interactive features

Innovation is the future. And using innovative tools and solutions to improve engagement and encourage people to be more active could be a great solution for building teamwork. You can use tools such as presentation monitors, graphical games, customisable backgrounds on Zoom, Memes, GIFs, etc., to make your meetings more interesting.

Final thoughts 

Whether you have a short meeting or a long one that lasts for hours, there are several ways you can use to make your virtual team meetings and conferences more intriguing and exciting. You have to keep in mind that when you are working remotely or virtually your team has fewer alternatives to bond with their co-workers and amuse themselves which could leave them feeling lonely or dis-oriented from work. 

So, every company needs to plan for fun and exciting activities, themes, or games for your next team meeting to enhance the morale of the workplace and create team bonding among your colleagues.