Here’s how Energy Saving Fans are contributing towards a Greener Future

Charlotte Miller

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Did you know there’s a direct correlation between energy consumption and CO2 emissions? Well, if you didn’t then now you do. This means every time we bring home a new appliance we are adding to the environmental woes. So does that mean we should stop adding new appliances to our household even if we really need them? Well, not really. But we strongly recommend that one should consider upgrading to energy efficient appliances/devices that not only help reduce our carbon footprint but also let us save on our energy bills.

One such electrical appliance/device that you can consider upgrading to is your ceiling fan. Typically, in India,  the normal ceiling fans consume around 25% of the total annual power consumption of a household. That’s because their average run is around 16 hours daily and approximately 8 months a year. The fans are, therefore, one of the highest power consumers as compared to other appliances such as washing machines, geysers, etc). But one can upgrade to an energy efficient fan that consumes far less energy. For instance, a Luminous BEE 3 Star Rated Decorative Energy saving fan consumes 40 % less energy as compared to a standard fan. Similarly, a Luminous BEE 5 Star Rated fan consumes 50% less energy as compared to a standard fan. And though the fans may seem costlier, the fact is that these fans are easily able to recover the extra cost within a year or two of their purchase.

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Heard of BLDC Ceiling Fans?

BLDC fans are super-efficient ceiling fans that can help you save up 40 to 50 percent more energy as compared to the normal fans. As a result the number of individuals opting for BLDC fans is on the rise. The BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) too is spreading awareness about efficient appliances which is another reason why these fans are gaining popularity. 

What is BLDC Technology?

The fill form of BLDC is Brushless Direct Current Motor.  As the name suggests, BLDC fans work on DC (direct current) electricity. Unlike conventional motors that use electromagnets, the BLDC motor uses permanent magnets that lose less energy and heat as compared to electromagnets. The BLDC technology works smoothly even at low voltages. The best part is that BLDC fans can generate the same amount of airflow using less energy which makes these fans more energy efficient. 

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Opt for an Energy Efficient Fan from Luminous India

Luminous is one of the most innovative ceiling fan brands in India. It’s a brand that stays ahead of its competition by keeping a track of the future needs of its customers. One such need that Luminous identified early on is energy efficiency and this is the reason it has one of the widest range of energy efficient fans. Here are some of their most popular energy efficient ceiling fans.

Model Name Sweep Size (mm) Power Consumption (Watt) Air Delivery (CMM) Fan Speed (RPM) BEE Rating
New York Chelsea BLDC 1200 35 240 320 5 Star
New York Hudson 1200 47 235 320 3 Star
New York Richmond 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
Jaipur Tamra 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
Jaipur Ghoomar 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
Jaipur Sanganeri 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
London Mayfair 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
Propelaire 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
Raptor 1200 47 235 350 3 Star
Deltoid 900/1200/1400 55/47/75 145/235/250 460/350/300 3 Star

Word of advice

The energy efficient fans may cost you more as compared to standard fans but they help you reduce your carbon footprint and thereby contribute to a sustainable future. What’s more? The energy efficient fans are a delight to look at and help you slash your electricity bills, considerably.