Guide to writing a good job posting: tips and tricks

Charlotte Miller

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Are your job posts causing your company to lose the best candidates? Do you get minimal responses to your job postings? Is there pressure on you to do better for the company but you don’t know how? The presentation of your job posting influences the feedback you receive. Your posting also represents the company and creates an impression about the company. How will your company manage to stand out during the hiring process?  Find errors with this tool before creating enticing and interesting job postings; 

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  • Learn the difference between job postings and job descriptions

A job description is a detailed list that includes all the responsibilities and requirements needed for a specific position. A job posting is a marketing tool that paints a picture of what working for your company would be like in the advertised position. A job description is usually a dry and straightforward piece stating responsibilities. A job posting should create excitement about working with your company and lure the reader to applying for the open position.

  • Make a good first impression

The point of advertising is to grab the attention of your target audience. If you are looking for a certain caliber of employees, your job postings should be creative enough to capture their attention. Put careful thought into the creating and publishing of your job posting to set your company apart. Ensure that you edit and proofread to eliminate spelling and grammar errors and remove unintentional biases. Make sure your posting is top-notch to bring in top-notch applicants.

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  • Use traditional job titles

As you try to spice up your posting, you may want to stick to traditional and common job titles. It may be a fun twist to say ‘data guru’ instead of ‘data analyst’ but it may send the wrong message. You may also miss out on qualified candidates for the job. At the workplace, such wordplay may be appreciated. But as people search for jobs, they use the basic and common terminologies. Your job posting may fail to appear on many people’s searches. This will bring in a multitude of applicants with the exemplary qualities you are looking for. 

  • Sell your company’s culture and mission

If an applicant is highly experienced and vastly qualified, you are not the only company that is interested in them. The will hire resume writing services to be ae impressive as possible. You need to outshine your competitors. Use the company’s culture to captivate the applicant. As an employer, you should make what your company stands for clear from the word go. If your posting is too stuffed or formal, you may scare off applicants. This does not stop at the posting. You need to keep your company website up to date. When an applicant opens your website for incite, they should find a modern site with an interesting format.  

  • Include an overview of the position

Do not forget the main purpose of your job posting. As you sell your company, also put forth what kind of job you are offering. Have a clear and concise list of the primary and secondary functions and goals of this position. Talk about the tasks involved and the methods that are used to fulfill them. You should also create a list of qualifications and special skills you expect from your applicants. Entry-level jobs require less qualification and skill when compared to managerial positions. This is why it is important to list the expected qualifications.

  • Include all important information about the job

Your job posting should entice your candidate and lead them to contact you. Anticipate the questions your applicants may have and include that information on your posting.  Include information like;

  • The location they will be posted to, 
  • The expected salary, 
  • The responsibilities
  • Benefits such as medical, housing, and transport if any  

You should also include the nature of the job, whether permanent, contract, or short-term.

  • Use appropriate language

Avoid using abbreviations, vocabulary, and acronyms except the ones used globally. Your company’s acronyms and abbreviations are probably new to applicants. Use standard language and go straight to the point. Use bulletins whenever possible to keep your posting neat and easy to read. Make your paragraphs short and if possible do away with paragraphing.  Make your sentences brief and precise. Avoid using vague terms, state the exact point whether in qualification or responsibility. It is important to use formats that are easy to read on mobile phones, computers, or tablets.

  • Use visuals

Incorporate graphs, diagrams, photos, and other visuals to make your posting interesting. Use creativity to draw attention to your posting. The visuals you use will differ depending on the type of industry or company you are in. Create interest to get the most qualified candidate.

Closure of effective job posting

The job market is a competitive platform. These days, the company also has to sell itself to candidates and not just the other way around. For you to get the best candidates for your company, you need to be creative and exemplary with your job postings. You should be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to employment to keep other companies at bay. Just like applicants need an impressive CV so do companies need an impressive job posting.