Guide to Citizenship Ceremonies

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The last step of officially becoming a British national is attending the British Citizenship ceremony organized by the Home office in which you will be provided with the British Citizenship Certificate. If you are currently in the UK then you can give an application to the Embassy or Consulate to make arrangements for the citizenship ceremony. Give a read to this immigration lawyer ceremony guide for more information regarding UK visa laws and the citizenship ceremony.

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Book your British Citizenship Ceremony

You will be sent an invitation to the British Citizenship Ceremony by the home office after your application for British Citizenship is approved. The letter that you will receive will have all the details regarding the local authority to contact for booking your British citizenship ceremony. You can also have a meeting with your local council for arranging a British citizenship ceremony. It is important to remember that your British Citizenship ceremony is arranged before the expiry date of the invitation. You need to contact the Home office in case your letter is received after the expiry date or you were not able to attend the ceremony due to some reason before the expiry of the invitation letter.

The age of individuals who need to attend the ceremony is 18 years or over according to law. The applicant who turned 18 anytime between the application process is also required to attend the citizenship ceremony. The applicants below 18 years are not required to attend the ceremony and their citizenship certificate can be collected by any family member on their behalf.

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Cost of a British Citizenship Ceremony

The British citizenship ceremony is usually conducted collectively for a group of people who have been awarded British citizenship. For private ceremony arrangements, you would need to contact a private authority.

You would need to pay £80 if you attend the British Citizenship Ceremony with a standard group. The charges you pay include the application fee to the Home office that you submit for citizenship. Additional charges of more than £100 will be charged for private ceremonies. The exact amount that you might need to pay in this case will be dependent upon the local authority that will conduct the ceremony and the time and date on which ceremony is being organized.

In case you are not residing in the UK

You would need to contact the embassy or consulate of the country you are residing in to see if they can arrange the ceremony for you or can make arrangements for the virtual ceremony

If you are staying out of the UK for a short period then you can contact the authorities and request them to delay the ceremony till the date of your return to the UK. You are required to book your ceremony within the 6 months of receiving the invitation in that case too. You will be required to provide proof that you have plans regarding permanent settlement in the UK in case you are going out of the UK for more than a few months.

British Citizenship Ceremony Preparation

You will be asked to bring your invitation letter along with an original photo identification document e.g. driving license or password to your British Citizenship Ceremony. In case you fail to bring these documents then your ceremony will be postponed. It is better to stay in touch with your immigration lawyer to make necessary arrangements for the ceremony to avoid inconvenience on the day of the ceremony.

Process of your British Citizenship Ceremony

The British Citizenship Ceremony involves taking the oath of affirmation and allegiance to the Crown and swearing your loyalty to follow all the laws and social values of the UK. It is considered as your formal promise to Her Majesty the Queen and the people of the UK.

Oath of loyalty

One of the most primary parts of the British Citizenship Ceremony is taking oath of loyalty to the British Crown and people. You need to pledge loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen and affirm that you would follow all the laws and regulations of the UK during your stay in the UK and respect the social and cultural norms of the United Kingdom. Your citizenship immigration lawyers can assist you in understanding the requirements. The authorities will read you out the statement of oath and once you have taken oath you will be officially a British Citizen.

Once the oath ceremony is completed you will provide a Certificate of Citizenship and will be provided with a welcome pack by the authorities. You will also be able to purchase professional photographs of the moment if the local authority at which the ceremony is being conducted offers that. Contact immigration lawyers London if you have any more queries regarding the British Citizenship Ceremony.