GP Full Form: What Is The Full Form Of GP?

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What Is The GP Full Form Find Out The Full Form Of GP With Full Information. To Know More About The Word GP Click Here…

In this article we are going to know GP full form

GP Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of GP?

The Full Form Of GP Is General Practitioner.



Below We Are Going To Explain The Meaning Of GP,

GP Full form

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Find The Meaning Of GP

What Is The Meaning Of GP?

The Meaning Of GP Is a doctor who provides general medical treatment for people who live in a particular area.

Find The Abbreviation Of General Practitioner

What Is The Abbreviation Of General Practitioner?

The Abbreviation Of General Practitioner Is GP.



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  • The full form of GP stands for General Practitioner associated with Academic & Science. General Practitioner (GP) means a medical doctor who is trained to provide primary health care facilities to patients of both sex and any age. They are also commonly referred to as family doctors.
  • The short form used for Games Played is GP, the term considered in Sports & Games. Games Played (GP) means a statistic used in team sports for indicating the total number of games in which a player has participated.
  • The acronym of Green Party is GP which is, a term commonly used in Governmental & Politics. Green Party (GP) means any political party whose policies are based on concern for the environment considered worldwide.

  • GP stands for Guadeloupe term used by and large for Countries. Guadeloupe (GP) means a Caribbean island located in the Leeward Islands, an overseas department of France.
  • The acronym used for General Partner is GP that is used as a Business term. General Partner (GP) means a class of partners in a partnership, where the general partner retains liability for the actions of the partnership.
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What Is The Full Form Of GP In Programming Language?

  • GP stands for Genetic Programming used as a Technical term. Genetic Programming (GP) indicates a methodology for automatically solving problems with computers, inspired by biological evolution.

  • GP is an abbreviation used for Grameenphone which is used as a Business term. The term originated in Bangladesh. Grameenphone (GP) represents a leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh.
  • The geometric Program is a curtailed name for GP. It is a common term used in Academic & Science. The meaning of Geometric Program (GP) is a form of the mathematical optimization problem for solving several special type non-linear programming problems. The abbreviated name of the Geometric Program is GP.
  • GP is an acronym used for G-Police, which is a term frequently used in Games & Entertainment. G-Police (GP) indicates a rifle video game that was build up and published by Psygnosis for the PlayStation and the PC.
  • GP is an abbreviation of Georgetown Preparatory School, an Academic & Science term having its origin & usage in the United States. Georgetown Preparatory School (GP) denotes an American Jesuit college preparatory school in North Bethesda, Maryland, United States
  • Gram Panchayat is also called as GP, which is a Governmental term used & originated in India Gram Panchayat (GP) signify local self-government at the village or small town level in India.
  • Game Park is a shortened form of GP. It is a Business term, originated in South Korea. Game Park (GP) was a South Korean video game producer.
  • GP is a concise form of Guadeloupe (TLD) which is a Domain Names for the country Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe (TLD) as .gp refers to the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Guadeloupe.
  • GP is a shorter way to express Gusset Plate that is an Academic & Science term used worldwide. Gusset Plate (GP) refers to a solid sheet of steel used to link structural steel components.

GP is Abbreviation for?
Games Played, Green Party, Guadeloupe, General Practitioner, General Partner, Genetic Programming, Grameenphone, Geometric Program, G-Police, Georgetown Preparatory, School, Gram Panchayat, Game Park, Guadeloupe (TLD), Gusset Plate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whats Does GP Mean?

general practitioner
A GP may be a doctor who doesn’t concentrate on any particular area of drugs, but who features a practice during which he or she treats all kinds of illness. GP is an abbreviation for ‘general practitioner’. Her husband called their local GP.

What Is The Full Form Of AP And GP?

The Full Form Of AP Is Arithmetic Progression,
The Full Form Of GP Is geometric progression and
The Full Form Of HP Is geometric progression

What Does GP Mean In Finance?

Gross profit
The gross profit margin may be a metric wont to assess a company’s financial health and business model by revealing the quantity of cash leftover from sales after deducting the value of goods sold.

What Does GP Stand For In School?

grade point
A mark average may be a number representing the typical value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses over time. More commonly called a GPA, a student’s mark average is calculated by adding up all accumulated final grades and dividing that figure by the number of grades awarded.

What Is GP Texting?

GP means “General Principle” So now you recognize – GP means “General Principle” – don’t thank us. YW! What does GP mean? GP is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that’s explained above where the GP definition is given.

Is A GP Higher Than A Doctor?

General practitioner

Rather than having a specific specialist area, GPs can diagnose many illnesses or ailments, and determine whether a patient needs to see a doctor with more specialist training. They are also increasingly responsible for the management and monitoring of complex chronic illnesses.

What Is The Full Form Of GP In Texting?

Go private. Someone who asks you to GP in online chat wants to “go private.” This person wants to move your conversation from a public chat room to a one-on-one PM.

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GP Meaning In English?

What Is Meaning Of GP?

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GP Full Form.

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