Gorgeously Light Up Your Compact Homes With These Lighting Techniques

Juliet D'cruz

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Gorgeously Light Up Your Compact Homes With These Lighting Techniques

For most people enthusiastically looking forward to designing their homes, space constraints can be a disappointing hurdle. Compact homes can obviously not flaunt a grand multi-tier chandelier, but that doesn’t mean compact homes can’t boast that touch of opulence. If planned the right way, your compact home can very well flaunt the poise and grandeur that you would normally find in palatial homes. But the lighting designs have to be chosen very carefully. 

It is not true that only chandeliers can add grandeur and opulence to your homes, there are many other lighting fixtures that can create the same effect, if not better, by occupying much less space. Now, relax and take a deep breath as we take you through a thoughtfully curated list of the best lighting techniques that can completely transform your compact homes and give them that much-needed touch of elegance of charm. We have you covered. 

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Statement lighting to set the tone of the space

This is the most important part is you would have to add at least one statement lighting in the room, and given the space constraints, ceiling lights are the best fixtures to go for. There are countless designs to choose from, and we suggest going all out with your ceiling light as this lighting fixture can set the tone for the rest of your home. Be it crystal-embellished ceiling lights, minimalist ceiling lights, contemporary ceiling lights or rustic ceiling lights, choose the one that suits your space the best. 

Complete the look with ambient lighting

Getting the ambient lighting right in your room makes a significant change to the visual-spatial perception of the place. Giving ample illumination to the ceiling and every corner of the room can actually make your compact home appear slightly bigger. Since we’re considering a compact space, it is better if we go with floor lamps. Floor lamps bring an exceptional functionality quotient to the space, and they can illuminate every nook and cranny of the space they’re placed in with ease. But, there may be possibilities that your lighting layout might look slightly congested with a floor lamp in it. And it that’s the case, then you can go ahead with a table lamp for your space by all means. 

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Eliminate distracting shadows with wall lights 

The moment your lighting layout has three or more lighting fixtures in a compact space, there is a high possibility of unwanted and distracting shadows coming into the picture. Wall lights are terrific designs that will help you get rid of the shadows and, at the same time make your space appear bigger than it is supposed to be. There are many wall lights out there to choose from. Some are fixed while some are versatile as they can be titled to direct their light to a specific point. Go with the adjustable wall lights as they will help you customise your lighting layout just the way you want.