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Global Korea scholarship is also famous as GKS. The key responsibility of the scholarship is to provide scholarships for all international students who remain outside of Korea and want to pursue their higher studies in Korea. With the help of the scholarship, each one of the individual students will be able to enhance quality education and international relations culture. GKS apostille for South Korea is provided to those students who are looking for the opportunity to graduate in South Korea.

GKS apostille for South Korea scholarship has been provided in different levels of education for the students. Students who are undergraduates, graduates, masters, and research scholars or have any one of these degrees can available of the scholarship for them. Even the National Institute of international education has given the green signal to the scholarship with the help of the government of Korea to provide the facilities for higher studies for all students on an international basis. 

In fact, there are some basic requirements for the GKS scholarship. And all the students who are looking for higher education through the GKS scholarship will have to complete some of the requirements. Let’s find out the requirements that will help all of you to get the scholarship for yourself.

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Basic Qualification needed for the scholarship

The basic requirements for the GKS scholarship 2022 are

  • The student, who is looking for a scholarship document Apostille , should not be a Korean citizen.
  • Even the student who is going to apply for the scholarship, the parents of the student should not be Korean citizens. 
  • The student who is applying for the scholarship for the graduate program should be below 25 years old.
  • The student who is applying for the scholarship for the postgraduate program should be below 40 years old. 
  • Students who are looking for higher studies through the help of the scholarship should finish all their previous formal education properly. 
  • Before applying for the scholarship student should have scored a minimum of 80% in GPA in previous education.

What are the possible procedure to apply for GKS scholarship

There are mainly two ways that will help all the students to apply for the GKS apostille for South Korea. Hrd attestation provides best apostille services all over the world you can call on +91 97267 32183 or mail on [email protected] .

  1. Embassy Track
  2. University Track
  • Embassy Track :

If you want to get your document apostilled from Embassy Track, you can print the colour xerox of the document and give it to the embassy. Because if your document is rejected for any reason, you will not get your original copy back.

You can apply with embassy track by following step:

  • Student can apply through a universities.
  • You can go on website and apply from universities in korea.
  • After applying through university now you can apply for online.

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  • University Track :

If any one of the particular students chooses the Universities track to apply for the scholarship they will able to get the chance for applying to 3 Universities at a time. 

After that, all three universities will provide the courses that are available. and from any one of the courses, each one of the individual students can choose the most interesting quotes for themselves for continuing their higher studies not only that the students will also have to follow all the guidelines and the GKS scholarship 2022 deadline.

To apply for the scholarship they will have to follow each one of the steps properly and correctly to get the scholarship immediately. By providing all of the required documentation and requirement only the students who are not citizens of Korea can apply for the scholarship.

List of document require for scholarship application

If you are interested for GKS Scholarship application you can submit below form:
Form 1 – Application of GKS Scholarship

Form 2 – Your personal statement

Form – 3 Purpose of statement

Form – 4 Research proposal

Form – 5 Recommendation Letter

Form – 6 Letter of Invitation

Form – 7 Agreement of GKS applicant

Form – 8 Assessment of Personal medical

List of Apostilled document need for Embassy track scholarship

If you go through embassy track process you need 4 sets of document.

1 set of apostilled document.

3 set of photocopy of all the apostilled documents.

Name of the document :

Educational document for example Apostilled degree , and transcript or Marksheet.

You must also apostille your age document like Apostilles birth certificate or Passport duly apostilled.

Parent’s citizenship document: Voter card / Passport apostille or Family Register, Adhar card each parent duly apostilled.The all document are compulsory for applying for GKS scholarship.

How to Fill the form of GKS scholarship ?

  • All necessary documents must be in English or Korean, Any other language is not allowed.
  • Applicant fill name must be the same as on their passport.
  • The recommendation letter should be from 2 different. Your letter must seal in an envelope and submitted to the university or Embassy. After that, they conduct your selection round.