Fun Ideas to Prevent the Summer Slide

Charlotte Miller

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Summer vacations are sometimes so long that they disorient the learning process of children. Although these breaks are extremely important for the healthy growth of children, being disengaged from studies for such a long time creates a gap that becomes very difficult to fill when school work starts again. And, school teachers never go back to revise. They start right from the point it had ended months back. This can leave students clueless. 

During this break students also lose out on the progress that had been made before the summer break. The loss is faced in some subjects more than others. For subjects like maths, grammar and computers or language, coping up after summer break can seem more difficult than other subjects. That is why your kid must indulge in activities that prevent these kinds of summer slides. However, it is summer break after all and your kids deserve the breaks that they have earned after a lot of hard work. They should not be put through it again during their summer breaks as well. That is why these activities that keep them engaged with their education should be nothing less than fun. This article talks about a few fun ways that you can prevent summer slides in children. 

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  1. Make studies fun: Studies don’t have to be boring and rigorous. It is seen that students retain more when they understand rather than when they mug up. Furthermore, the application of studies in practical life is a good creative exercise for children as well. For example, parents can help execute science problems in the kitchen and backyard for their children so that they can play as well as study. Balancing and mixing education with playing works excellent for children especially during their summer break. 
  2. Hire a tutor: Children appreciate fresh perspectives. Always listening to the same ones can get boring for them. That is why, to get a fresh opinion on the concepts that they are being taught, you can consider hiring a tutor. On some platforms like EtutorWorld, you can also take a free live session to know what kind of tutor will help your child’s summer slide and if they gel well with the kids or not. Getting taught through newer perspectives always widens your child’s horizon and helps in the learning process. Having an interesting tutor who cares about what they do also makes studying fun for children.
  3. Engage in studies creatively: This is helpful for students in more ways than one. Creativity is not only a very important life skill but also nourishes a child’s mind and personality. Thus, if studies can be done creatively – there is nothing like it. So, how does one engage in studies creatively? By making a song out of a poem they have to memorize or by writing short stories to better their sense of grammar or by drawing complex concepts to understand better. This will enhance their creative skills. You can also discover or invent other creative ways or let your child decide how they want to go ahead with this idea. 
  4. Schedule field trips: Experience is a very important part of education. The more children experience, the better they learn and retain. Thus, take your children to museums or heritage sites during their summer break. If they are learning about the local history, take them to the specific sites of important events, tell them personal stories from the family. If they are learning about cultivation and plantation in geography, take them to farms and forests. Allow them to take notes. This will be a very nice learning experience for them.
  5. Use media as a form of learning: Media consumption has surged a lot recently, especially in times of lockdown. This has made many parents worried that their children are spending a lot of time in front of the screen. Having said that, what else is a child with no school or outdoor playtime supposed to do all day at home? The Internet can be a very useful medium and it can open up a new world to your children. Under your guidance, that new world can be one full of positivity and learning. Show important historical films to your children about the concepts that they are learning, show them interesting documentaries, familiarize them with culture, art, and history through this medium.

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Thus, now that we know that dealing with summer slides doesn’t have to be a ‘dragging your child to the study table’ situation, what are you waiting for? Use all these ways to make studies fun for your kids so that they study while having fun all the time.