Four Ways How Drinking Water Can Help You in Your Weight-Loss Journey

Charlotte Miller

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Being conscious about weight is human nature. A lot of us want to lose weight, and for that, we are ready to go to every extent. In our craze and religiousness of losing weight, we plan long and hard diet regimens and ultra-strength-requiring workout routines. And in the midst of this unstained devotion, we turn a blind eye into little things that matter the most. One of those things that are really important for losing weight is water.

A study shows that most of the time when you are feeling hungry, you are not actually hungry but only thirsty. So, if you don’t eat food at that time and just drink water, you won’t feel hungry anymore, which means that you won’t be eating anything out of schedule. Thus, you will acquire no extra calories.

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As for water, we all know that it’s calorie-free. Therefore, it is very essential for weight loss. Not only water helps you burn calories, but when you take it before the meal, it suppresses your appetite for food, which means that you will eat little. It is ultra-advantageous if you replace it with sugar-possessing drinks.

Only if we understand how beneficial water can be for the human body’s shape and fitness, we would actually replace everything with water. Well, let’s not hurry into all these benefits at once – though there is no doubt that water possesses many benefits – let’s talk about everything in detail. So, without any further ado, let’s learn about 4 ways how water can literally help you get the desired shape in your weight-loss journey.

  1. Water Is a Natural Waste-Remover

One of the reasons for the usual diseases and disorders that a human body goes through is dehydration. Dehydration is a word given to a condition when your body does not have enough water to go on as usual.
According to science, our body is made of water up to 60 to 70 percent. If we do not maintain this ratio of water in our body, it fails to perform well. That leads to hydration, which further causes disorders, such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and kidney toxins. Moreover, when the body doesn’t have enough water, it doesn’t correctly work to remove waste from your body, i.e., urine and stool. With enough water, the digestive system works amazingly.
Additionally, water is responsible for the removal of kidney waste and toxins, allowing your kidney to acquire important electrolytes and nutrients. On the other hand, if we subtract the water intake, kidneys would directly retain fluid, which can be harmful.

Furthermore, the waste that builds up in the body if the water is not sufficiently taken makes a person feel bloated, which prevents them from doing any exercise.

Since we are talking about the waste removal benefits of water, it is important to remember that if the water is not properly filtered and purified, it can, in fact, increase the difficulties in your body and create different disorders. Therefore, it is important to get access to the bottled water delivery to be on the safe side.

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  1. Water Is a Workout Accessory

Workout is one of the main aspects of anyone’s weight-loss journey. And water is the best accessory for your workout routine. How? Let us clear it.
When you do a proper intake of water throughout the day, your muscles, tissues, and joints are likely to be more active. Therefore, they move properly and more energetically. Apart from that, water also helps the lungs work more effectively, which increases your stamina and you don’t run out of breath for long. Not only for the lungs but being hydrated also is beneficial for the heart and other organs which are involved in the exercises.

Additionally, sufficient intake of water reduces the obstacles that hinder the workout, such as cramps and fatigue. Talking about fatigue, you will notice that a proper amount of water throughout the day is a deadly weapon against fatigue.

So, don’t forget to drink water before, during, and after the workout session, because the time when your body is using the energy to lose weight is the time when it needs water the most. When you are working out in hot, sunny, or humid conditions, it is likely that you will start sweating quickly or lose stamina due to the heat. In that case, it is essential that you keep a water bottle close at hand, so it doesn’t let you affect your workout.

  1. Water Burns Fat

Burning fat is the whole point of a weight-loss journey. But without water, the process of burning becomes a slow one. The insufficient water in your body would not let it properly perform the metabolism on stored fat (or carbohydrates). The correct word for this metabolism of fat is lipolysis.
In the first step of lipolysis, which is called hydrolysis, the water molecules connect with the fats (triglycerides) and create fatty acids and glycerol. This process proves that drinking enough not only burns stored fat but also helps get rid of the stored fat, which consequently helps your body get slim and fit.
In 2016, a study from a trusted source made a conclusion that in animals, the increased intake of water undoubtedly led to increased lipolysis, which resulted in fat loss.

  1. Water Helps Calories Burn

There has been some research on the issue of water burning calories, and most of them indicate a positive answer, that in fact, water is helpful in burning the calories.
In the points above, we learned how water can remove toxins and waste and how it burns fat, but calories burning is entirely a different benefit of water.
In 2014, a study involved twelve people drinking 500ml water of cold and room temperature. All of them instantly experienced an increment in their energy levels. Additionally, it was reported that all of the 12 people burned around 2 to 3 percent calories right after 90 minutes of drinking water, which was more than usual.
The conclusion of that study was simple: On one hand, the water provides a temporary increase in the resting energy expenditure of the body. On the other hand, it also burns calories while the body is resting. It is safe to say that water helps you burn calories without any effort, literally.

Another point to take from that study is that cold water and room temperature water are more enhanced in the process of burning calories because then the body gets a chance to heat that water and prepare it for digestion—this active process leads to the burning of calories.

Final Advice

It is now established that the water is very useful and beneficial for the loss of weight, while it also helps you say active, energetic, and support you in the battle against fatigue.
Additionally, water helps even better if you replace it with all the sugary drinks that you usually take.
Apart from that, it is important to drink healthy water than just water. In today’s world, you can get easy access to filtered and purified water. Check out home water delivery service in Atlanta for more convenience.