Five Tips for Keeping the Kids Learning During Quarantine Period

Charlotte Miller

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The world is facing a tough time. Everyone has been affected by this pandemic. People have lost their loved ones, and students have not visited schools for the past 1 year due to complete lockdown. 

Parents are looking for tips to help their kids learn during this pandemic. Kids don’t know enough about the coronavirus. So it would be better if parents could educate their kids about coronavirus and why it is essential to be in quarantine. Kids need to know that they are not alone; their parents ensure their safety and security. 

Student life has become boring. There is no school foundation day celebration, no school picnic, no annual sports day, no meeting with classmates, and on top of all, their academic session is running late. Classes have shifted from offline teaching mode to online teaching.

Some students like the concept of online live classes, but some students dislike it. But, there is no better option than this. They have to adjust themselves according to the latest trend. Online learning is the best platform for children to continue their studies during quarantine.

But apart from this, it is equally important to study at home. It is one of the biggest challenges for the parents. Parents, especially those working, face difficulties in managing between their work and supervising kids’ study. 

Every child is different and has a different mindset. Some want to study, and some want to play while some study less. But for parents, it is essential to guide them in all possible ways. A child needs to keep learning as it makes their brain sharper. Here are some tips that will help parents to keep their kids learning even at home. So! Let’s get started:

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Tips to Keep the Children Learning

Create a Schedule- Parents should make a schedule according to the family environment and cater to a child’s needs. Children should understand that they are not on holiday and have to attend online classes.

There is a need to make a lesson plan. Parents can make their own lesson plan or according to the school. Schools follow a structured timetable, keeping this in mind, parents should make timetables according to the school to not affect their study. 

Usually, children between the age group of 6-8 study about 90 minutes, while those in higher grades study half a day. The ideal period for study is between 10 am to 1 pm. 

Study time should be according to the child’s capacity. Every child captures things at a different level. Some grasp things within a minute, while some take time to understand. A flexible schedule will help in reducing the burden/ stress on both parents as well as children. 

Create a Learning Environment- There is no thumb rule on how Learning space should be. We advise you to create a learning space that allows children to focus on their studies. Ways of learning differ from child to child. 

It would be better if parents allowed their children to choose a learning space all by themselves. It makes the child happy, and they will study in a good mood. You can do study anywhere if the child is concentrated enough.

Parents should try to eliminate all the distractions that could be a hurdle in the learning process. For example- music, tv, loud noise, etc. Eliminating this will help children to focus more and complete their work on time.  

The best way to make children study at home is through online education apps. Here children can study without any distraction. 

Assist, aid, facilitate- Parents should play the role of both guide and facilitator at home. Allow children to learn on their own and should not be dependent on parents for studies.Parents should help or assist their kids in doing things better and give a solution if they are stuck somewhere in their studies.

For the help and support of parents, online learning sites would assist them if in doubt. Also, parents should try not to interfere in their child’s progress.

Parent Updating- Parents need to update themselves. They need to play the roles of both teacher and as well as the supervisor

It would be better if children studied according to the curriculum. Parents can easily find the curriculum on the website of the respective school. Also, all the study material is available online. It would not be a bad idea to refer to those study materials to help your child get good marks.

Upgrading Technology-  Now, everything is getting online. Schools give homework, assignments, projects online. So! Parents have to check what is assigned to their children and help them complete their work. 

It’s high time that parents should realize that there is much more than offline learning. This pandemic has introduced us to a new way of learning. The online platform offers a wide range of things to study just with a single click. 

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 We are indeed going through a tough time. But! Whatever the situation may be, children’s education should not get hampered. So! You can refer to the points mentioned earlier to keep your children learning at home.