Fashionable and Inexpensive Jewelry for Men

Charlotte Miller

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Jewelry for men and women shouldn’t be expensive. We understand that diamond is forever, but not everyone can afford a diamond or gold. Many users like to spice things up by mixing and matching and wearing different items for different occasions. Therefore, today we present you with some inexpensive items that you can start from to increase your collection.

Our list has items for the minimal guy, but If you like to rock the biker or rock star grunge look, we have something for you as well. Finally, we discuss some trendy brands and items to keep up with the fashion and every season and some items just for the case when you don’t find anything suiting for your needs.

Chamula Concho Bracelet:

This bracelet gives a Mexican vibe and was designed by Yuki Matsuda during his travels. This bracelet comes with a small turquoise gem and a malleable steel base covered by horsehair all around it. This bracelet is no more than $60 and will give you that trendy casual look under the sun.

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Lighter case Necklace by Ambush:

For just $115, you can get this silver-hued necklace having a lighter case dangling from it, making it fashionable and functional jewelry. The connection is pretty subtle and can house a BIC lighter.

Homemade Chains:

This homemade chain might be a DIY idea, but it’s actually doable. You can buy chains from a Home Depot or a similar hardware shop, they will need to cut a big piece of long-chain for you, and then all you need to do is add a clip at both ends of the chains are good to go. We recommend wearing at least two chains made similarly to make a classy look.

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Gold-look Chains:

You can buy multi-layered chains to give that Rock look by getting golden color chains from any of your nearby shops or can browse the internet for more options. The best thing about these chains is that they give a good layered look, elevate your outfit, and make the chain look more expensive. For more information, you can also check this chains style guide.

Signet Rings Set:

Different shops and online stores sell signet rings, and every now and then, they sell a set of these rings. Signet rings have always been popular as history puts them in the class of Popes and Kings who wore them to signify their power and authority. Keeping in the same vein, business tycoons and heads of the wealthy family wore similar to show their wealth and influence. 

This set can be gold-colored with black stones or silver rings. Having 3 to 4 in a set gives you options to wear them all on your hands or one for each day. This is a fantastic way to start your jewelry collection if you are not thinking of investing too much money at the start.

Cross Pendants with Chains:

You don’t have to go the gold or platinum route as these days, well-manufactured silver or iron crosses of this type are so well finished that you can second guess the quality and metal of these crosses. You do need to read the instructions before starting using this jewelry as it may tarnish on you, so you need to know what the outcome can be if that happens.

Rebel Signet Ring:

These signet rings do not house the look for the signet rings we mentioned above. Those were sleek, plain, and shiny in their looks, while these are intricately designed and give out a rugged man/worker look with a medium to large stone on top. These rings have intricate designer looks that you see in fantasy movies or worn by Mexican crime bosses. They can be in the shape of a claw, a skull sign of the pirates, iron cross rings and can have various options for you to choose from. If you love these rings and can fine-tune your attire along with them, you will portray a manly look who knows what they are doing.

Biker Rings and Necklaces:

These rings have shapes inspired by popular culture in movies, rock bands, games, and whatnot. Some examples are greek mythos, gorgon ring, Santa Muerte death skull ring, lich king of Angmar crown look, etc. the imagination is strong with these rings.

Silver Earrings for Men:

Men wearing rings aren’t that common, but if you decide on it, you always have options available for more fashionable options like these black diamond earrings for men that will showcase a unique look. These earrings have multiple options, which you can choose from hundreds of earrings with black diamonds keeping them relatively cheap while wearing a classier look.


Watches are the true jewelry item for men; that’s how it’s always been. Stylish and classy watches come at many brands and prices. Replicas are the best for this scenario. If you don’t like to wear other jewelry items, you can always buy a few watches for a fraction of the price of engineered-for durability type of watches and get your style going. Watches come in many styles and forms for a particular outlook that you need and for different occasions and tasks. Sporty watches, exercise bands, deep swimming watches, business watches, etc., all come with their distinct looks.


Fashion is a trend that changes like a season; one day, it can be all gold attire, the subsequent mixing with silver changes so fast that it is hard to keep up. Keeping up is another story, the expense that can incur buying them and keeping a healthy collection can be a significant burden on your wallet and might disrupt your budget. More prominent and popular brands, especially clothing, will always have jewelry that goes with their catalog that will always be cheaper than the real deal to complete the look of their catalog. These are the items we have listed above if you are looking around for a few good options.