Factors to consider for creating eye-catching designs for product labels

Charlotte Miller

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Labels are among the most important consumables in all industries and commercial establishments due to their wide range of applications, which range from product identification and classification to safety signs. Labels convey useful information that aids in handling and facilitates the shipping and return of a product. It also improves business process efficiencies. However, the question is, how to create a return label.

Product labels used for marketing play a critical role in exercising better control of material movement and avoiding unwanted inventories. It also helps prioritize the products to help them gain maximum visibility that increases the chances of buying the items. The product information provided on the labels facilitates selecting the items over those of your competitors.  

The requirement for product labels usually is quite high. Companies typically prefer ordering wholesale labels directly to wholesale printers or through print resellers to get the best deal in label printing with the assurance of low price and high quality. Visit here to know about free fonts.

Customized labels should be highly attractive so that it quickly draws the attention of customers. It means that the label design is critical to grab customers’ attention, and here are some qualities of label design that you must ensure to achieve the goal.

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Get the right material

Two aspects that impact the appeal of labels are their design and the quality of printing. The design must not only be attractive by choosing the right fonts and colors supported by the proper layout, but the printing should also be equally good to bring out the best and the adhesive good enough for long-term adhesion. Since the substrate or the material of the labels or stickers impact the printing and compatibility with the surface on which it sticks, you must keep this aspect in mind when creating the design. 

Remember that all designs might not look good on all kinds of surfaces, and you should know what works best for you. Only when the design receives good support from the colors and the texture of the label material creates the highest impact on viewers. Choosing clear and transparent labels allows the product or container color to dominate the design, but the text should be legible. 

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Use the right colors

To grab the attention of customers who walk down the aisle of the retail stores, proper use of colors for labels is very important. The choice of colors for the label design depends on many factors. It includes label material, the product color, and or the color of the container. If you use clear labels, the product color or the container color becomes a part of the design’s color scheme. The colors of the design should be soothing to the eyes but attractive enough to draw quick attention. The colors should compel customers to turn their heads.

For creating a cohesive brand image, you must be careful about choosing colors in the label design to ensure that it contains the colors of your logo and existing branding so that customers can quickly recollect the association of colors with the brand. 

Superior graphics

The choice of graphics influences the appeal of the colors and design. Choose eye-catching graphics that use colors intelligently without looking too much imposed. The graphic options are almost endless for custom label printing. If you use photographs for the label design, you can access various online resources with a vast stock of photos of all types. These resources offer multiple options to suit all kinds of budgets. It does away with the worries of shooting pictures on your own while assuring high resolution, superb images that would make the design most attractive.

Eye catching fonts

 Since the information contained in the labels are highly important, choose the fonts of the text in the design with some thought so that the text is legible. Choose some font that looks unique and different from the regular fonts that people are familiar with. However, avoid overused fonts. Legibility rules supreme, and it does not matter whether you use some unconventional or new font to showcase your creativity. Easy to read fonts are a must for label designs.

Label shape

Moving away from the traditional rectangular or square-shaped labels is another way to increase the attraction of the labels, although the design of labels contributes the most. For creating the custom shapes of labels, several die-cuts are available, and if the print volume is relatively high, you can make your die-cut. Whether you need triangular, round, pentagonal, hexagonal, or any other shape of labels, the printer can offer the die cut you need.

The label finish must match the underlying brand message to convey it accurately. You can choose between glossy and matte finish depending on the kind of looks you want to create.