Factor Affecting the price of bitcoin

Charlotte Miller

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You must know the factors that are affecting the price of bitcoin. If you are in the field of bitcoin investment or trading through platforms like bitcoin evolution, you must know these fundamental factors that determine the value of bitcoin in different conditions.You would have to check the daily chart of bitcoin that shows the ups and downs and why these ups and downs occur; we will explain it in this article. So, without wasting your time, let’s examine the factors affecting the bitcoin price.

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Why does the price fluctuate?

As we all know, bitcoin is a digital currency that no one can control. Anyone means an individual, founder, financial institution, even government, and powerful man in the world. It is working on a decentralized system that cannot be controlled because there are too many nodes where the blockchain and bitcoin are processing. If anyone cannot control it, the price must fluctuate according to the demand and supply of bitcoin. You can earn money by investing in bitcon .

The Factors causing fluctuation in bitcoin price?


Different countries have different rules and systems, and different countries play an important role in raising the price of bitcoin and falling in the value of bitcoin. Because a country has many buyers, the price will increase if buyers purchase or use bitcoin for daily transactions. So, let’s take the example of countries that are helping to boom the bitcoin given below:

China: China is the country that fluctuates the price of bitcoin at a huge level than other countries in the world.  Did you know, approximately more than seventy percent of transactions or trades of bitcoin are performed in China, and it is the biggest market for using bitcoin? Moreover, the main reason for the rise and fall of bitcoin price is dependent on the Chinese regulations regarding financial services and middle class and wealthy people in China want to secure their financial future for the long term, and China currency is decreasing, so they use bitcoin as a Chinese currency that boosts the price of bitcoin.

Russia: The main in Russia is its fiat currency, they are facing many problems regarding rubles, and the value of their currency is decreasing than USD, and they started bitcoin transactions to increase the value of their currency. They are converting their rubles into bitcoin because they know the price will never decrease.

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Government Regulations:

Government regulations also play an essential role in the fluctuations in the value of bitcoin because all the decisions of the country are taken by the government, and the citizens of the country have to obey those rules; however, the government cannot control bitcoin. Still, it can affect bitcoin by just changing its policies and regulations regarding finances. In some countries, bitcoin is banned because they cannot control it, and people use it for illegal purposes and tax benefits.

All the decisions taken by the government highly affect the bitcoin price. Government support for bitcoin will raise the price of bitcoin, and a negative announcement will lower the price because citizens will start selling the bitcoin, and if there is a higher supply, that means the price will decrease.

Technological Innovation:

There are some issues with the bitcoin system. For example, people use bitcoin for illegal purposes, such as buying drugs, weapons, and illegal things. It is done because the government cannot track the data, and there are more issues like delays in bitcoin transactions, size of the block matters; if the size of the block is low, it will slow the transactions. However, some innovations are helping bitcoin to improve and solve these issues, and if the technology comes with an easy system, people will try bitcoin for their daily transactions.

Media Power:

Media is the most powerful to rise in the price and to fall in the price of bitcoin. All the buying and selling decisions are dependent on the media. When they publish positive bitcoin news, the price would rise, and when they announce negative news about bitcoin, the price of bitcoin will start falling. People are watching, reading the news to get awareness about the financial system of the country. But some news is just assumed like the price of bitcoin will touch up to 1,00,000 dollars in the next five days, influence the people to buy bitcoin and hold it up to the next five years, and when the demand increases, the price will automatically increase.