Essential Tricks and Tips That Will Help In Efficient Toilet Cleaning

Charlotte Miller

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Essential Tricks and Tips That Will Help In Efficient Toilet Cleaning

For many people, toilet cleaning seems to be a daunting task, but it can be made easy with a few simple tricks. From a hygiene viewpoint, the toilet should be cleaned every 3-4 days. Toilet cleaning also includes disinfecting the toilet seat and other surfaces. While cleaning refers to getting rid of stains and dirt, disinfecting refers to handling germs breeding on the toilet seat. 

When the toilet is dirty, it is not only unsightly, but also becomes a breeding ground for disease-causing germs since it’s usually damp. We can’t stress enough the importance of regular toilet cleaning. 

The tips below will make your job easy:

  • Cleaning the toilet bowl

Start with draining the water bowl first. Turn off the water supply and flush the toilet. Use a toilet cleaning liquid and an angular brush for deep cleaning. Allow the cleaning agent to sit on the rim for a few minutes. Then scrub the surface with the brush. 

Always read the instructions on the package for usage. Be sure to never mix acid and bleach. Next flush the cleaner and keep brushing the surface while the water drains out. Repeat the process to clean and scrub the toilet seat as well. 

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  • Disinfecting the toilet seat and exteriors

Once you have cleaned the toilet seat and surface, it is time to disinfect. Put the disinfecting agent all around the toilet seat. You should also disinfect the hinges, bolts, and lids. With an old toothbrush, scrub the areas that are hard to reach. Wipe the grime with a paper towel. Spray the disinfectant all over the tank, lid, sides, and base of the toilet, and wipe off with a cleaning rag or microfiber cloth. 

  • Clean the base of the toilet

The lower part of the toilet, attached to the floor, can be cleaned with a 1:2 water and vinegar solution. Spray and let it rest for 20 minutes. Wipe with a sponge pad and rinse with water. 

  • Remove hard water stains from the toilet

Spread 1 cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl and wait a minute or two. Now mix baking soda with vinegar and use the solution for scrubbing the insides and rim of the toilet bowl. Flush to get the stains out. 

  • Remove yellow stains from the toilet bowl

To remove yellow stains from the toilet bowl, generously sprinkle baking soda on the stained area. Use a brush to scrub the surface. Spray 1 cup of vinegar on the surface and leave it to rest. Rinse with water.

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  • Removing brown spots from the toilet bowl

Brown spots are caused on the surface due to iron oxide or rust deposits on the toilet bowl. For treating these spots, pour vinegar into the bowl and leave it for a couple of hours or even overnight. If the brown spots are present on the rim of the toilet bowl, make a paste of salt and vinegar. Apply this paste to the spots with an old toothbrush. Let it rest for a few hours and flush it. 

  • Using plant-based toilet cleaner

Toxic chemicals are harmful to the body as well as the environment. Most cleaning agents contain multiple toxins. To avoid these harmful chemicals, switch to a plant-based toilet cleaner. It is safe, eco-friendly, and tough on the stains, but gentle on you. It also removes scaling and skid marks without releasing toxic fumes or skin irritants. The neutral pH level ensures it is non-corrosive and suitable for sensitive skin. 

  • Cleaning toilet brush

It is not only essential to clean the toilet and nearby surfaces but also important to clean the toilet brush. The quickest way is to simply disinfect the brush and rinse it with hot water. Leave it to dry under direct sunlight for added disinfection. 

Now that you know the significance and right way of cleaning the toilet, do ensure you maintain hygiene and cleanliness to safeguard good health for you and your dear ones. The cleaning process might seem unnerving and intimidating, but with these tips, it’ll be a breeze. At least, give it a try!