ECE Full Form: What Is The Full Form Of ECE?

In this article, we are going to know ECE full form.

ECE Full Form

What Is The ECE Full Form?

The Full Form Of ECE is Electronics and Communication Engineering.

E= Electronics and

C= Communication

E= EngineeringECE Full Form

Below We Are Going To Explain The Meaning Of ECE,

ECE Full Form

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Meaning Of ECE

What Is The Meaning Of ECE?

The Meaning Of ECE,

ECE stands for Electronics and Communication Engineering. It is a branch of engineering that deals with the researching, designing, developing, and testing of electronic equipment and engineering problems related to electronics, computers, telecommunication systems, and related industries.

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Below We Are Going To Explain The Abbreviation Of ECE,

Abbreviation Of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

What Is The Abbreviation Of Electronics and Communication Engineering?

The Abbreviation Of Electronics and Communication Engineering Of ECE.

Electronics and= E

Communication= C

Engineering= E

In India, ECE is offered by various colleges at the Under Graduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) level leading to B.Tech and M.Tech degrees, respectively.

ECE engineers are engaged in research, design, and development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various systems. This field is closely related to Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and the developments in CSE play a significant role in the advancement of ECE. It may be the reason that ECE is always in high demand.

All the electronics equipment that makes our life easy and enjoyable is developed by ECE engineers.

An electronic & communication engineer generally performs the following tasks:

  • Design, develop and maintain satellites to provide TV, telephone and internet service to remote and rural regions
  • Develop advanced communication facilities like video conferencing which connect people across the world

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ECE primarily give emphasis on the following areas:

  • Analog transmission
  • Satellite communication
  • Solid-state devices
  • Digital and analog communication
  • Antennae and wave progression
  • Basic electronics
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Analog integrated circuits
  • Microwave engineering

Eligibility for Electronics & Communication Engineering:

The basic eligibility requirement to pursue ECE at the UG and PG level is as follows:

  • At the UG Level: The candidate must have passed 10+2 examination from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the main subjects.
  • At the PG Level: The candidate must have a B.Tech degree in the same specialization with a passing percentage in aggregate of the subjects studied at the UG level.

After completing this degree, one can easily get employment in manufacturing industries, service organizations like broadcasting, digital communication, consulting, research and development, and system support.

Furthermore, ECE engineers can also get a job in modern multimedia service firms that are involved in the real-time transfer of information through video conferencing and internet broadcasting.

Some Job Titles in the field of ECE:

Service Engineer
Software Analyst
Technical Director
Field Test Engineer
Customer Support Engineer
Electronics and Communication Consultant

Frequently Asked Question:

What Is The Salary Of Ece Engineer?

The average annual salary of freshers includes Rs. 2–4.5 lakhs per year. Electronics students with skills in renewable energies, automation technologies, Internet of Things, robotics, mechatronics engineering concepts add more value to their average pay scale.

What Does An ECE Engineer Do?

Electronics engineers design, create and develop devices like mobile phones, portable music devices, and computers. Electronic engineering offers the prospect to provide new innovations and developments in telecommunications, robotics, computing hardware, and power and electrical equipment.

Is ECE A Good Course?

ECE is obviously a good branch to study but only if you have a passion for electronics. Not only ECE all branches are good if you have a passion for that particular branch. Some of them took ECE because they might not get CSE, a number of them took ECE because ECE students have both the opportunities of software and core.

Is CSE Better Than ECE?

To be precise ECE is better than CSE only relying on the condition that you’re not a good programmer. CSE course is going to be easy throughout your 4 years but ECE is going to be very tough. Any branch that’s integrated with electronics is known as an evergreen branch of engineering.

Which Job Is Best For ECE?

Electronics design and development is one of the most preferred choices of position by ECE graduates who want to possess dazzling prospects within the electronic designing and development field. The profile of Desktop Support Engineer is required in almost every IT and non-IT company.

Is ECE Hard To Study?

ECE is actually one of the toughest branch in engineering but it depends on you whether it is hard or easy to study. So if you are really interested in Electronics and communication then it will be easy for you to study. But if you are not interested then the harder subjects of ECE will be a nightmare to you.

What Is In ECE?

The full form of ECE is Electronics and Communication Engineering. It is a massive branch of engineering that deals with electronic equipment.

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