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Letting your clothes dry in a clothesline has almost gone out of practice because of the rise of dryers. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as dryers can help you out when you’re in a tight spot. Bad weather? Washing mostly jeans and wool? A dryer doesn’t care how thick the fabric is or how absorbent, as long as it can dry 80% of the moisture out of your clothes. 

However, as great as a dryer sounds, it has some drawbacks and is not the safe kind. Lint—fibers that separate from your clothes during washing and drying—has brought about 2,900 cases of home fires (read more) and caused 100 deaths each year. What’s worse is the main reason lint is found in dryer vents that cause the incident is negligence in cleaning out said vents. 

Yes, we’re saying if you haven’t gone around cleaning your dryer vent, you’re putting your whole family or cohabitants at risk for a home fire. But we’re not saying you should be the one going on your hands and knees, coaxing out clumps of lint periodically. There are professional dryer vent cleaners that know how to handle the appliance safely and can remove the lint completely from the area. 

Still not convinced? Here are some benefits you can look into when you hire these professionals. 

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  1. Reduce Lint-Caused Fires

As mentioned before, lint isn’t as harmless as you thought. There’s a reason companies like dryer vent cleaner Frederick are founded because of them, and many professionals practice safe removal of these clumps in your dryer vent. They’re very well-informed of how flammable lint is. A slight possibility of a spark can already cause a raging fire that can grow just as fast if you feed it with gas. That’s how electrical fires work as well, which is twice as dangerous as dryers are all electrical appliances. 

  1. Do More Energy Conservation

Just like any other appliance, wear and tear are inevitable. Just like an iron being a lot less hot than the first time you used it, dryers also lose their usefulness, and their energy-saving tendencies often get overwritten by malfunctions. Instead of eating up twice as less power, it does the opposite. 

However, it’s fortunate for you that this case can be easily reduced by just hiring vent cleaners. How do they help you save money? Lint, debris, dust, and other particles often clog up the vent. Because of this, hot air gets expelled less and less, and the machine needs to work twice as hard just to remain operational. This results in bigger electrical bills for you and your family. 

However, if you periodically hire a vent cleaner to remove the debris and other obstructions, your machine doesn’t need to suffer overwork and can last faster in the long run. Instead of paying twice the amount of the electric bill, use it to hire cleaners and save a whole lot more! 

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  1. Maintain The Quality Of Your Clothes

Clothes lose their quality after every wash and dry. There’s virtually and literally nothing you can do to prevent this inevitable wear and tear of your clothes. However, you can slow the progress by making sure your dryer is working in optimal condition. 

A dirty vent can lower the efficiency of the machine, in turn, using up more time to dry your clothes. The more they’re inside the dryer, the more their quality deteriorates. In conclusion, if you clean out your vent more than often, you can also consider it clothes care. 

  1. Avoid Allergens And Mold

How does a dryer work on wet clothes? How does it give you almost-dry clothes that only need a little bit of hanging outside to completely dry? What a dryer vent does is trap moisture, and water from the clothes after the dryer itself is turned on. In turn, undesirables that can cause diseases, allergies, and other illnesses (such as mold) can grow a colony and affect your clothes. 

By cleaning the vents, professionals can make sure the vents remain dry, unobstructed, and maybe even cured, so there are no molds and fungi growing around the area. 

  1. Avoid Exposure To Carbon Monoxide

This might not apply to electric dryers, but there are still many families using gas-powered as opposed to the former. With this type, you’re still at risk for more than just fires but also carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The vents expel carbon monoxide, which saves you from poisoning. This gas hanging around can’t be good for anyone, especially for you, who spends a lot of time doing the laundry. But by hiring professional cleaners, this particular risk isn’t a problem at all.