Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m a Victim of a Serious Injury?

Charlotte Miller

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Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m a Victim of a Serious Injury

In many cases, victims who have sustained injuries in accidents caused by negligent people need to retain lawyers to fight for their legal rights. If you are a victim, you should hire an advocate because you only stand to gain by getting maximum compensation for your injuries while being guided through the legal process by an experienced legal expert. Personal injury lawyers practice in the following areas: defective products, slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, and construction site accidents. If you are a victim who’s been injured in any of these types of accidents, a personal injury lawyer at Riddle & Brantley in North Carolina will be able to represent you in your claim in the following ways:

Explain your rights

An advocate will explain to you how different legal issues like comparative negligence and statute of limitations affect your rights and legal options

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Evaluate the settlement offer for you

The insurance company’s goal is to pay you as little as they possibly can. Therefore, when you choose to represent yourself, they will most likely pay you little compensation because they know you don’t know the value of your case. However, an attorney has handled many cases that are similar to yours and knows the fair compensation amount that you deserve and will help you get the maximum settlement.

Gather evidence to strengthen your case

There is a lot of work that needs to be put into your case so you can stand a chance of getting a reasonable offer. Such work includes collecting evidence like your medical records and accident reports. A good advocate can use his or her expertise to identify what you need and how to get it.

Help you get maximum and full compensation

An experienced advocate can add meaningful impact to your case. For instance, an advocate can explain why your case needs more compensation than what the insurance company is offering. Moreover, you need a legal expert who will clearly explain your case to avoid being misconstrued by the insurance companies.

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Represent you at trial

If you don’t have an attorney to represent you, the insurance companies know that you don’t have any leverage if your case does not settle. However, when you retain a legal representative, especially someone with a proven track record with insurance companies and adjusters, he or she will help you file a lawsuit if you get an unreasonably low offer.

Give you legal advice

A good advocate will explain all the complicated legal procedures and interpret any legal, insurance, or even medical jargon for you. In addition, the legal expert will help you prepare all the relevant paperwork required in your case and avoid missing any filing deadlines.


Hiring an advocate to guide you throughout the legal process of seeking compensation is very important. An advocate can help you in many ways such as explaining your rights, giving you legal advice, evaluating the settlement offer for you, gathering evidence to strengthen your case, helping you get maximum compensation, and representing you at trial.