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Dishwasher vs washing by hands. Which is the better option?

by Ragini Salampure
Dishwasher vs washing by hands. Which is the better option?

Thought of washing dishes scares you over the excitement of a tasty dinner?

Are you fed up and tired of investing your valuable time in washing dishes?

Do your dry hands concern you a lot?

Do You feel guilty while wasting a huge amount of water during washing dishes?

Ahh, too many relatable questions, right? But even if you say yes to some of them, trust me, you need to buy a dishwasher to erase all the stress of dishwashing.

Not just because it can save your time. But also, because it is energy efficient, hygienic, cost-effective and environment friendly.

I know, in almost every family some people prefer using dishwasher and others suggest dishwashing by hands.

But the right way is only one. Keep reading and you’ll gradually come to know that what should you choose.

Facts you should consider:

  • Dishwashers save a lot of water as compared to washing in the sink.
  • Washing with hands isn’t out of trend yet. It is still useful to clean various everyday tableware items.
  • Dishwashers are almost completely recyclable. By the way, I love this fact.

Perfect hygiene: We are living in times where health and hygiene are so much important.

We need to be sure that every person who enters our homes, is safe for the family. If you are not sure about their hygiene, it’s isn’t safe.

So, if you have a maid for doing cleaning stuff at home, you should choose a dishwasher at least for dish cleaning.

Features like steam drying and hot washing along with effective detergent make it great. Dishwashers provide the best sanitized and cleaned dishes ever.

Dishwashers always use less water as compared to washing by hand:

We all are very conscious these days when it comes to water consumption.

In the form of taking shorter showers, using the same water at different places, using a water-efficient washing machine etc.

But what about our kitchens then?

Ask yourself, for how long do you keep cold water flowing, waiting for the hot water to arrive?

We use a huge amount of water there to clean the stuff. Don’t we? And most of the water usage is for washing utensils. This is the punch line! Change is required here.

A Mind-blowing fact is when you keep your tap open for 15 minutes, 65 liters of water are used.

It helps you clean a standard load of dishes. And shockingly, only 7 liters of water are used when you use a dishwasher for washing the same load.

Now, this is not a small water consumption difference and it should be considered. Period.

Safer hands: Washing dishes with hands can cause a lot of harm to your skin. After washing them for around 20,30 minutes with hot water and detergent you might be noticing your hands get dry.

Why sacrifice your skin health and don’t use the technology in the form of the dishwasher?

It totally eliminates the risk of your hands getting dry and helps you keep them soft as you like.

No fear of breaking and scratches:

Breaking of a bowl, dish, and the handle of a cup is obvious when you are in a hurry to complete dishwashing. And yes, frustrated too!

You can get rid of this issue by simply using a dishwasher that is easy to use and has good features. Dishwashers are designed in such a way that your crockery doesn’t get damaged.

Its design makes sure that dishes don’t clash with each other to avoid breakage. This ensures an Easy peasy washing process!

Marvelous washing quality:

When you wash utensils manually, it has to be done with liquids and a washing bar.

And its quality depends on how hard you rub those dishes – And it is a boring task.

But a dishwasher removes these hurdles by using hot water, perfect hot drying and a Strong dishwasher detergent. As a result, you get amazingly cleaned dishes.

The time-saving dishwashing process:

In the times of working from home, your calls, meetings, tasks are already acting as a burden for you.

And you will be cleaning utensils, waste your time and take extra stress on yourself? Oh come on, go for a dishwasher instead.

Let’s suppose it takes 40 minutes to clean utensils used by 4 people manually. In comparison to this, a dishwasher takes only 15 minutes.

This means you save 25 minutes each time you wash the dishes. You would love to complete your working hours early. Won’t you?

Dishwasher vs washing by hands – The Judgement.

I told you to keep reading and you’ll eventually know what is better for you right? If you kept reading and reached here, you must be thinking now, do we even need a conclusion?

Obviously, buying a Dishwasher is a great deal instead of dry hands, a boring and time-consuming process.

But before purchasing a dishwasher, remember you will need to maintain it regularly. But definitely, using a dishwasher is a far better option than washing utensils with hands.

If you have made your mind to buy one, here’s a jackpot for you. Compare various types of dishwasher and find the best at: https://www.bestcheck.in/best-dishwasher/

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