Discover 7 Tips and Tricks for Sensational Short Summer Hair 

Charlotte Miller

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It’s that time of the year when the sun is in its full glory. Take advantage of the blazing summer heat to sport a scorchingly hot hairstyle. Chopping your locks off can be freeing and rewarding, especially if you get help from your trusted salon’s hair experts.

Whether you’re getting a blunt bob or a pretty pixie cut, the choice is yours to make. Just make sure to read up on the tips and tricks we shared below, and you’ll be looking forward to rocking that cropped cut all summer long.

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Short Hair Hacks

Cutting your hair short does not mean scrimping on the attention you usually lavish on long locks. Trimmed tresses still need tender loving care to be as healthy as possible. Remember, the secret to fabulous hair is keeping it healthy.

Since the summer heat can pose extra challenges to your hair, it also means that you have to take steps to protect it from damage. Short hair is not exempt from the harsh rays of the sun. Going to the beach or enjoying outdoor activities can expose your crowning glory to the elements. 

That is why it is still important to learn about hair hacks that will keep your tresses in tip-top shape. Visiting your favorite salon for hair care and hairstyling services is one way you can maintain good hair health. Of course, doing your best to care for your hair at home is also essential.

Here are some valuable hair care lessons that you should take note of to ensure your short locks stay sensational this summer:

  1. Wash Your Hair As Often As Needed 

Sun exposure plus summer heat equals sweat. Sweat, dirt, and grime can build up on your scalp and cause dandruff or oil buildup problems. Shorter hair also tends to get oily much quicker compared to longer locks.

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To avoid greasy tresses, it’s best to wash your hair as often as needed. Do it post-workout or after taking a dip in the pool. 

However, bear in mind that too much washing can also dry out your hair, so make sure that you use the right products. Ask the hair expert at your salon to recommend a shampoo and conditioner that will suit your hair type.

  1. Use a Smaller Amount of Product 

The shorter the hair, the less product it requires. Too much product can weigh down your tresses, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and use hair care products sparingly. Just lather on the right amount onto your lengths and ends.

  1. Consider Deep Conditioning

Even if you’ve chopped off most of your hair, your scalp still needs the attention it deserves. Schedule a regular deep-conditioning treatment at your favorite salon to give your hair the TLC it needs.

Deep conditioning treatments help reduce breakage, promote elasticity, restore natural shine, and add moisture. This treatment also helps especially if you have color-treated hair.

  1. Take Time for Trims 

If you want to sport a shorter hairstyle, going just once or twice a year to your salon won’t do. Keep a more regular trim schedule to steer clear of the unappealing grow-out phase. Entrusting your hair to an expert stylist will ensure that your bob, pixie, or even buzz cut will stay in immaculate shape.

  1. Update Your Color 

Whether you’re going for a blonde balayage, hairstreaks, or going for 50 shades of red, sporting short hair with color can redefine your summer look

With all the hair color options available today, all you need to do is schedule an appointment with the best hair colorists in town. Giving them full rein to create the most attractive palette for your tresses will surely infuse life and fun into your hairstyle. Since these hairstylists have more knowledge and experience in coloring hair, it is worth getting their opinion on which color will best go with your skin tone, haircut, or lifestyle.

Summer favorites include light blondes, tie-dye colors, iridescent unicorn hues, or vivid blues that remind you of the beach and the ocean. 

  1. Boost with Braids

Ditch the idea that only long locks can be braided. Short mane mavens can also have their hair braided especially when you go to a salon that offers expert braiding services

You can experiment with side braids, smaller braids, box braids, side plaits, fishtail ponytail, headband braid, half-up plaits, side cornrows with curls, messy bob with loose braids, ombre braids, or halo braids. There are seriously so much more that your hair stylist can do so head on to your salon now for these brilliant hair styles.

  1. Have Fun with Hair Accessories 

Using hair accessories can also dial up the visual factor for your short mane. Aside from making headbands and clips your best friends, you can also drop by your trusty hair salon for expert hair styling sessions.

You can have expert hair stylists adorn your hair with feather locks, hair sparkles, or Swarovski crystal extensions. Whatever you go for, it is always best to leave it to the professionals to attach them.

Summer Sensation

Short locks can make your summer so much more exciting. Going to the best salons in Dubai to have your hair cut doesn’t mean that you also cut down on the chance to experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors. On the contrary, short hair is a chance to enjoy an easy, breezy, and more beautiful summer.