Dhow Cruise And Desert Safari in Dubia

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Dubai is a place that is famous because of the presence of beautiful sceneries , views and due to it’s foods. These are the special properties of Dubai that makes it unique from the point of tourism. Every year when people become bore from the daily tough life routines they search for a trip that make them relaxed.  For such a purpose , Dubai is most prior choice of many people due to such a unique qualities it possess. Dubai has a lot of shopping spots that attracts a large number of community towards this in order to visit and amazed by seeing its architecture , amazing malls. 

Why dhow cruise ?

Dhow cruise will help you in seeing the untold beauty of Dubai that attracts a lot of persons towards itself. Its make you feel relaxed after tiring life events. Its the place that will be perfect for you to visit if you are wondering for a place where you enjoy along with relaxing soul and mind. However, there are many scenes you find attractive in Dubai but the details and eye catching mesmerizing beauty of a place is seen so far and dhow cruise is such a amazed place which helps in giving you natural fresh mind therapy. 

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Why to choose us? 

 For truly enjoyment there is must needed a  good planner who can make programs according to your requirements and needs so that you become able to enjoy each pattern and view throughout your whole journey. As a tour or trip itself keeps a lot of memories we try our hundred percent for making our customers satisfy and to make them enjoy by providing our trust able  services. We had make many customized  programs for our previous customers so we deeply care about them in order to make much improved experience with us. Your comfort zone is our first priority so we deeply care about your demands that you expect from a professional tour agency. 

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Dubai dhow cruise MARINA

As, due to the temperature that is highly increased during the hot summers and there you will no enjoy in seeing it all in harsh sun heat. So, don’t be stressed due to this and don’t forget to add enjoyment in your busy life here we arranged a mind blowing fresh dinner for you at dhow cruise. So, don’t miss this kind of opportunity and grab it quickly with us. As you well known that the marina is the water body that is  artificially created here. Here we make full on arrangements for you so that you enjoy each and every bit or minute of your auspicious tour. 


So, there’s obviously much fun and activities waiting for you here that is organized by us. The most  special one which will you gonna enjoy a lot are the performances that are specially designed in order to mesmerize you with our services. These performances are not going to be digitally performances these will be live so that you have the ability to enjoy each minute by watching such an amazing entertainment. The joy never ends here there is much more that is truly waiting for you like belly dances, tanoura etc. 

Dinner & drinks. 

We know and care about the most important feature that will be presented the mouth watering dinner to you. The specialty here is that different people go for different kind of foods which they prefer to eat that’s why there are 2 main that are veg and non veg dinner program is available according to the choices of you. This is buffet kind of dinner. 

Beyond this whole servicing there you are not bounded to use only a certain amount of water , Arabic qehwa, juices and tea these all are present here for you with endless supply. So, just chill break away worries and enjoy. 


We are here for you and exciting in order to welcome such an amazing people like you to enjoy your service. For using our service you freely contact with us at any time any place on leaving a message on our website and you are advised to book us on time (ad Advance). 

Dessert Safari

We offer different packages for the tourists and we have many options for the dessert safari trip. We usually offer morning & evening programs for our customers to safari dessert. 

Evening dessert Safari

The most demanded and famous desert trip is at evening time. If you made a plan to visit UAE then you must go for a plan to dessert Safari that is worthless. This kind of tour is designed to move towards the destiny from late afternoon so that we reach there exactly on the time and you can watch the mesmerizing scenes of evening there.

Morning dessert Safari

We also offer morning dessert Safari this is for the people who are busy in there life routine works at evening. In this we offer the pick & drop service along with the dune bashing and sand boarding  to your selected package quad biking is available. Minimum there 2 people are required for this. 


pick & drop 

We provide this from hotel. 

Camel riding 

The most importantly famous riding is the camel riding. We mange this special journey for you. Your safety is our first priority if you have a fear from such an activities then we’ll guide you along with you so that you can joy all events. 

Live shows 

Here , a bundle of shows one after one is  organised for you in order to entertain you. You found tanoura shows, different dances  like belly dance. On payment basis the option of bar is also available. The fire shows are also here. 


For welcome soft drinks will be presented to you while Desert Safari. Although throughout your whole journey the non stop water, juices, and the drinks are available. In evening safari the dinner will be presented which contains many veg and non veg meals. 


You can book your package through us here.