Designing and Development of your Website in 6 Steps!

Charlotte Miller

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The designing and development of your website must be by following a good strategy. All steps are summarized in a clear action plan, which will draw up the guidelines of the actions to be carried throughout your project.  

1.Define your objectives, your audience, and Budget for website designing and development:

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The objectives of the development of your website: This is to define the reason for which you want to develop your website. Do you want to Sell Online? or rather promote your business and your activities? Or you are planning to get new customers?

The Targets: What is the target of your website? Who do you want to reach with your website? Either potential customers, suppliers, or a population of a region or very specific demography. Think that a website is accessible to everyone but defining the target can help define the graphic design, the content of the site as well as keywords for SEO.

Your Budget: It is important to set your budget for website designing and development in advance. You will need to plan it among other things. Like the costs of website development, referencing, and hosting of your website in order to understand what types of functionality you can acquire. For website designing and development you need to contact with website designing and development company to get an estimation of the budget.

Date of delivery of your site:  If you have delivery requirements, you will have to plan the design of your website as early as possible. 

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Security- An essential part of a website:

website design and development requires strong security as many customers deal with your website. You should opt for a free or paid SSL certificate. It is better to go with paid SSL as it comes with many benefits. For example, an eCommerce website runs on many subdomains and you can go with a cheap wildcard SSL certificate that will secure unlimited subdomains along with saving your cost. So, security is vital stuff for any website in the current age.

  1. Edit the specifications:

Writing the specifications allows those individuals who are involved in the design of the website (Graphic designers, SEOs, Coders), to list all the tasks they will have to perform. 

Define the Domain Name:  The domain name is of crucial importance to your future audience. For the choice of your domain name, you need to use a unique domain for your company so that your customers find you easily on the web. 

Graphic Description: Detail all the graphic and ergonomic ideas of the website. The color codes, the logo, the graphic charter of your brand, the structure of the website, the animations, and all that will have a link with the graphics of the project. A graphic designing company will help you with this.

Establish the content:  For content creation list all pages, sections, and subsections to the writer. Present them with a short description and it is preferable to write the texts and prepare the content of the website before passing the specifications to the service provider.

Technical Description: Mention all the points that have not been listed with the presentation of your pages (Home, slider, services, contact form, search module, etc.).

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write the specifications, you can entrust WinsSol with your project, we listen to you and we help you throughout the creation of your website. 

3.Choice of accommodation:

The choice of hosting plan depends on the type of your website. An ecommerce store needs a lot of storage space to store the many images on the product sheets. You, therefore, need a subscription for 500 GB hosting with a private SQL server. On the other hand, showcase websites do not need a lot of hard disk space or a large database. You can therefore choose a subscription for less expensive hosting.

For a website with a large audience, it requires a dedicated web server. Web hosting prices varies depend on specifications of the machine. At this level, it is preferable to consult a web expert to guide you on the choice of your dedicated server.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice on the choice of your accommodation.

  1. Graphic Design:  

This step is the task of a web designer, during this process the graphic designer will design the website mockup according to your objectives and your specifications. This step gives your expectations a visual reality and gives a real impression of the progress of the project. Once the graphics files are finished and confirmed, they are sent to the developer for web integration.

This process is tricky because the graphics team must physically represent the client’s ideas. The aesthetics must meet the expectations of the customer, of course, but also of the Internet user. 

  1. Development and Integration: 

Now the programmers are involved in the development of the website! The web integrator transforms the graphic models into Html page. This process is carried out via lines of programming in CSS and HTML. The HTML language will structure the pages and CSS determines the colors for your website. The animations of your website are generally created during this step (Drop-down menu, Carrousel, etc.). The web integrator will also be in charge of making your website responsive: compatible with tablets and smartphones.

6.The Development of your website is accomplished by a good referencing:

To maintain the visibility of your website in the search networks, it is first and foremost to develop your brand identity on the internet through good SEO. To generate traffic on your website, you can rely on:  

– Natural referencing (Position of your site on search engines)

– Paid referencing (Mainly Google Ads campaigns)

– Social networks: Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other exchange networks.

It is strongly recommended that you consult a specialist when creating your website, because each step must be designed correctly to achieve your goals and achieve good notoriety and strong appreciation.