Decorating the floors in your commercial properties: Your concrete steps to success

Charlotte Miller

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Never underestimate the potential of beautifully crafted floors. If you are a business owner, learn from today’s article how you can turn what are usually plain and grey steps into a center of attraction. Create an inviting commercial space that caters to your audience’s imagination!

A popular material that spruces up a profitable space is epoxy flooring—no questions about that. With epoxy, one can use a business logo to design concrete spaces. This is possible for any profitable room like an office, a retail store, a manufacturing facility, and more.

Name it! You can indeed have whatever flooring pattern you like to appear. Having images that catch anyone’s attention makes your brand stuck in people’s minds.

Why decorate your concrete floors in your commercial properties?

Here are the reasons why decorative images on floors help you grow your business.

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  • Go beyond your target market.

Attract the audience. Whose business owner does not have any goal to grow their audience? Go out of the box when promoting your business. Aside from your marketing strategies, you can make people visit your facilities or your retail store when they see things that fascinate them.

You can do this by designing your place that satisfies the visuals. A nice and clean space with a unique layout and interiors is sure to make anyone tell others about your brand. 

  • Offer something out of the box. 

People often like something amusing. Have you seen floors that seem to dissolve or warp under your feet? Or walls where giant insects suddenly pop out. These are illusions. 

Optical illusion images on the floors add a fun dimension to your commercial space. You can do this, especially if you have museums, studios, or a small entertainment facility for profit.

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  • Safety first

Every property owner knows that the first thing to set up public space is to acquire permits. Your buildings should pass safety inspections. One of the identifying factors is the floors. The steps going to your property should eliminate hazards. 

Floors enhanced with epoxy are no doubt safe for every user. The epoxy makes the concrete surfaces slip-resistance. It prevents the floors from growing cracks. 

Also, this is true for your commercial pools. Outdoor concrete like a Pool decks Hamilton becomes slip-resistance when sealed with protective coatings. You need to make sure that your outdoor floors will not make someone fall accidentally. Beware of accidents because it may cause you to pay medical fees when your client slips on the ground and get severe wounds or cuts when they fall on the floors.

  • Easy to Clean and Sanitary

An easy to manage and easy to clean flooring area is a must. Whether you have a medical facility or health centers and commercial fitness buildings, you need a space that promotes sanitation. Every local epoxy flooring company prefers this material for finishing floors among health facilities, clinics, or hospitals.

With this benefit in mind, use epoxy floors to coat the concrete areas in your properties. It makes a clean surface area. How does this happen

Epoxy is not all about having a desirable form. When you get epoxy floors, expect that your floorings will have incredible functions, too.

  • Super Resistance

The floors are enhanced with a high-performing surface with epoxy coatings. What does this mean? When you uplift the flooring surface with a pure solid coating material, it stands against multiple types of damages.

An undamaged flooring is a mark of a top-quality space. Make well-managed floors free from any stains, cracks, or dirt a trademark for your business. Clients will trust you. What they see on the physical level will have them convinced that you are doing an excellent job at the managerial level.

 Commercial Flooring Ideas

You can combine epoxy floors with various materials. You can maintain a cohesive look for indoor facilities with epoxy flooring. Then for heavy traffic outdoor areas, you may add other flooring materials like terrazzo or textured concrete finishing.

Also you can prefer Platform Lifts that really make your commercial property unique and look different.

Terrazzo Designs

Terrazzo designs are a great addition to your epoxy chip flake patterns. The patterns appear alike. 

Chip-flake epoxy uses vinyl paint chips as the decorative element on the flooring. Terrazzo uses aggregate particles that mimic sandy patterns on the flooring surface. This style looks great for showrooms, mall strips, massive hallways, and other heavy traffic areas.

Faux Marble Designs

Did you know that you can recreate the marble floors using epoxy? Using dual tones epoxy, you can morph two pigments over a base color. A smudge and roll technique are used to create marble-like lines on the surface.

Optical Illusion Floors

Last but not least, the illusion floors. Much like what was described above. You can adapt popular optical illusion images to design commercial floors.