Decoding lightsabers: a concise guide

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Decoding lightsabers: a concise guide

Science fiction fans all across the world have become interested in the star wars saga since its initial 1977 release.

Even people who haven’t watched the movies have heard of star wars, which was invented by George Lucas.

The series is well-known for its plot, cast of characters, and lore. But few items are as closely linked to the star wars universe as the lightsaber, which is the weapon of choice for many of its groups and protagonists.

Hardcore fans and those unfamiliar with the franchise are both able to recognize these dazzling, lit blades right away.

Every star wars memorabilia collector will probably eventually include a lightsaber in their collection.

Everything you need to know about custom lightsaber as collectibles and their role in the star wars universe will be covered in this essay.

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How do lightsabers work?

A made-up weapon from the star wars world is the lightsaber. One of the main weapons used in the franchise is an energy sword.

The force is most famously combined with lightsabers by the Jedi and the sith. However, a lot of different individuals and groups have also been depicted employing lightsabers in battle.

A lightsaber’s exterior consists of a metal hilt from which a plasma blade protrudes. The hilt, which features a switch to activate or deactivate the blade, is typically worn on the belt or inside a robe. Each lightsaber has a kyber crystal inside the hilt that serves as its power source.

Throughout the franchise, different colors of lightsabers can be seen. The original owner of the weapon, their personality, and their associations are typically key determinants of the color of the blade.

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Decorative items

Numerous star wars souvenirs frequently take their design cues from lightsabers. This ranges from replica lightsabers to clothing with a lightsaber theme. Even everyday products can be found that resemble a lightsaber.

In the meanwhile, there are a few things to think about if you want to start a lightsaber collection. 

First, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the price of the lightsaber will vary greatly based on its level of quality. Second, be aware that you’ll run into different products.

However, you may also find non-canon make-your-own lightsabers, canon character lightsaber reproductions, and other miniature or large-scale goods.

Additionally, the majority of lightsaber collectibles are made to be displayed. Significantly more durable, some higher-quality items can even be used to stage fake lightsaber battles.

Combat lightsaber replicas

Some fans consider light sabre dueling, also known as saber fighting, to be a competitive sport. Similar to fencing, this entails dueling with lightsabers.

However, it was influenced by the star wars movies and television shows’ lightsaber battles. 

You will need a lightsaber replica that can survive such use if you plan to engage in lightsaber duels.

Additionally, it ought to feature components that mimic the ones from the film, such as sound effects and visual effects. If you’re interested in engaging in a star wars duel with your pals, galaxy sabers sells battle-ready lightsabers.

Explaining the colors of lightsabers

Blue, green, and red were the only hues used for lightsabers in the original star wars trilogy. Bad guys had red, while good guys had blue or green. Additional lightsaber accessories like colors weren’t initially intended

However, the inclusion of a new hue wasn’t made until Samuel l. Jackson asked for a purple lightsaber for his character. In the second trilogy, he played mace windu. He asked, and the lightsaber tale became what it is today.


Blue lightsabers, one of the most popular hues, are most frequently seen in the hands of Jedi guardians. Among the most well-known owners of blue lightsabers are Anakin sky walker and obi wan Kenobi.

Jedi guardians frequently employ the force to bolster their lightsaber proficiency. This clearly implies that the kyber crystal will most likely turn blue due to these characteristics.

Green lightsabers are another shade the Jedi frequently use. These lightsabers are typically seen in the hands of Jedi consular, who devote more of their mental attention to learning about and comprehending the force.

Furthermore, compared to those using blue lightsabers, those with green lightsabers are frequently observed employing more force during combat. Some of the most powerful Jedi ever spotted using this color are yoda and Luke sky walker.


When a user comprehends both the dark and light sides of the force, a purple lightsaber is supposed to be the result. The only known user of a purple lightsaber prior to the appearance of others was mace windu.

Purple represents a user whose nature tends toward the dark side of the force without allowing it to control them. Purple is a blend of blue and red.


Red lightsabers are most frequently seen in the hands of red sith lords like darth Vader and other practitioners of the evil side of the force.

As the only kyber crystals that don’t naturally occur, red crystals are distinctive among kyber crystals.

Lightsabers made by dark force users frequently contain artificial red gemstones. Red crystals can, however, also be made by sith lords utilizing the dark force. A kyber crystal is made to “bleed” by the negative emotions of the user being poured into it.

Various colors

Various star wars films have featured a few other lightsaber hues. These are often combinations or variations of one or more of the aforementioned hues, such as orange and yellow-green.

A kyber crystal’s color reflects the moral alignment of the owner. Thus, it is accepted that these hue variations represent shifting, mixed, or distinctive moral alignments.


The lightsaber is a fictional star wars item that has the potential to be named as the franchise’s unifying symbol.

These plasma-bladed weapons are featured frequently throughout the series, and the mythology surrounding them has a significant impact on the plot and symbolism.