Deciding Whether Home Repair Warranties Are Worth The Cost

Charlotte Miller

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Home warranties are destined to offer monetary peace of mind to the homeowners. In case a covered home system or appliance acts up because of normal wear & tear, the home warranty company will replace or repair it on the homeowners’ behalf. All you need to do is to pay a regular premium to possess your agreement active.

The home warranty can be worth the expense for individuals who reside in older houses or are will need repairs in some time (assuming they are covered). In the meantime, those who have comparatively new appliances or home systems may not get benefits from the home warranty. So, let’s now explore what is home warranty is, how it works, and also know whether it is worth the money or not.

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What Is A Home Warranty?

The home warranty isn’t any insurance policy. Rather, it is a service agreement that pays for the expense of replacement or repair of covered objects, such as most important kitchen appliances, along with electrical, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. However, the home warranty does not cover doors, windows, or other physical features of your house.

A home warranty is mostly beneficial for older houses, rather than the new ones. So, before getting the warranty contract, think twice if it is time for you to get one or not.

How Does The Home Warranty Work For Homeowners?

Before you agree to the home warranty contract, it will be worth getting your home inspection in order to check that home systems and appliances are correctly installed as well as maintained or not. The home check report might also specify which home systems and appliances are close to the end of their anticipated lives so that you can decide whether you need a home warranty or not.

Once coverage starts which is typically afterward 30 days of validation of the contract. You will get coverage for the items that get damaged after taking the contract. If that happens, you need to call your home warranty company in order to file the claim or simply submit your claim online. As soon as your claim gets approved, the company then will place a pre-approved technician in order to come to the home within 48 hours to evaluate the issue.

In case it is possible, the specialist will make the repair instantly. In case the object needs to be replaced, the specialist will schedule an additional appointment in order to complete the process of replacement.

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Are Home Warranties Value Your Money?

As you cannot guess when your appliances or home systems will fail, the home warranty contact is certainly worth your money. This sort of home safety strategy will offer peace of mind in case a major home system fails as well as it’ll save you time searching for a reliable service in your zone to complete the process of repairs or replacement.

In case you are buying a new home, the home warranty contact may not the right choice for you. That is for the reason that your home will be filled with brand new systems and appliances that are already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period. The manufacturer’s warranty backs up appliances in case they fail because of faulty workmanship or defective materials.

Manufacturer’s warranties are naturally only in force for one year or sometimes for two years, and they do not cover appliances and systems that fail because of normal wear & tear, so it may be a decent idea to capitalize on the home warranty contract as soon as your manufacturer’s warranty gets expired. Or else, investing in a home warranty will be a waste of money.


The Home warranties are worthy of your valuable money in case there’s no present coverage for the appliances and systems as well as in case you discover a strategy that consists of the things that you wish to cover, so you result in saving your cash instead of wasting it.

So, think before buying a home warranty contract. Here are a few things to consider before buying the home warranty contract from any company in your locality.

Consider whether you own a new or an older house

You’re buying a second-hand home with some old appliances and systems and thus want protection against all of your appliances and systems in the house.

If you’re planning to sell your home and thus you want to tempt potential buyers then you can opt for this contract.

When you are new to the area and thus do not know any local technicians for repairs and replacement.