Dateless Number Plates

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You’ve undoubtedly heard of timeless designs in which the style can’t be dated to any one particular year. Dateless number plates are similar, as they lack a year letter/number suffix. To figure out when the mark was originally issued, you’d have to consult a reference book since there is no year letter/number attached.

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What are Dateless Number Plates?

Because the “you can’t use a registration to make a vehicle appear newer than it is” restriction does not apply to dateless registrations, you may transfer them to any type of automobile. With far less characters than the usual issue number plates now on the road, dateless private plates appear beautiful on a vehicle.

The registrations with no dates were initially created with the letters “first,” and when the single-letter, two-letter, and three-letter combinations ran out, the design reversed so that numbers came first followed by letters. This implies that a registration like 1 ERF (released in 1937) might have a duplicate counterpart, such as ERF 1 (released in 1954).

The number plates of the United Kingdom must have been transferred between vehicles (or kept on a certificate) as the vehicles they were on were destroyed in order for them to survive to this day.

If the registrations were not salvaged before the vehicle was written off, they are now gone as well.

Registrations are being issued as far back as 1903, which implies a lot of extremely desirable dateless number plates have vanished into obscurity and the DVLA will not reissue the same registration again after it has been used.

However, there are a surprising number of these antique dateless private plates that still exist today, having been issued at the time. The number plates with no expiration date are the cream of the crop when it comes to private registrations, and they truly do merit the name “cherished,” as they have withstood so many years.

Traditionally, the letters on registration plates indicated the original place of origin for the number plate. However, because the number of automobiles changed drastically across Canada throughout the early 1900s, some areas never used up their allocated combinations.

In some areas, certain sets of digits were kept private – the number plates weren’t always issued in numerical order. Some places also withheld whole letter sequences (typically those that matched three-letter names like TOM or PAT).

Because some number plate combinations have been left un-issued, it’s conceivable for the DVLA to make them available.

Dateless registrations can be obtained through auction today, and the DVLA keeps hundreds of these each year, during which bidders may compete for desirable dateless number plates that have never previously been on UK roads.

National Numbers attend all the DVLA auctions and provide a ‘Auction Package Service,’ which entails having a dateless registration plate of your choosing (one that has not previously been issued!) among the lots. After we’ve gotten all of the paperwork together, we’ll come out and bid on your behalf to try to win it for you.

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If you can’t find a dateless private plate that meets your needs on our website, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff to inquire about your alternatives at auction.

They’ll be able to tell you whether the particular monthless number plate you’re looking for is suitable for release, what our service involves, and even their opinions on a possible hammer price based on prior registrations’ sales.