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Cute and Chic Living: 9 Furniture Pieces to Help Minimize Your Space

by Rohan Mathew
Cute and Chic Living

More often than not, small living rooms look and feel more cluttered or even claustrophobic because of furniture pieces that do not quite fit with their size. Imagine entering a small room with large couches that you can barely pass through. We understand this situation, though. We could not agree more with you that decorating and choosing the right furniture pieces for smaller spaces are quite challenging. Good thing, expert interior designers have come to help us and share with us some of their tips and recommendations when decorating small rooms. Check this out!

  1. Storage Ottomans

Round ottomans for the living room make the space cozier. It is light and can be carried to any part of the house. Ottomans can be quite comfy for the feet as we slouch and stretch our legs. Since it is backless, you can also sit on it from different sides just like the round ottoman for your living room. Aside from sitting, you can also use these as a center table. On top of these, most of the recent ottomans now have storage inside! Storage ottoman helps a lot especially when you have storage problems.

2. Kitchen carts

Kitchens can be a mess, especially with all those pots and pans. Having a kitchen cart can help you save space in the kitchen. Because you basically have a mobile counter, you are free to work on wherever part of the kitchen you want. Plus, this kitchen cart also has storage inside. It will be easier for you to cook in your kitchen since you just need to drag your kitchen cart.

3. Storage bed

For rooms with little space, the beddings are always the tricky ones to place. Have a storage bed, instead, so you can also have storage inside. You can place your stuff, your books, your sheets, and others. Usually, bedrooms become more cluttered because aside from the bed, there are also lots of mess. Tidy up your mess by storing them inside your storage beds.

4. Wall-mounted floating desk

This is perfect for those who are working from home. In case you still have not set up your home office, a wall-mounted floating desk will be a practical purchase. You set it up near a wall, and fold it away once you are done! This desk also does not look boring, bulky, and cluttered. It has just the right size and even looks cute.

5. Bar carts

Just like kitchen carts, bar carts will also help you save space. You no longer need tables and consoles in almost every corner of your house. This will just take up lots of space in your home. Instead, have bar carts that you can just drag anywhere you need it to. Just because you have a small space, does not mean you would not accept visitors, right? Bar carts also look very posh and sophisticated.

6. Glass coffee tables

If you think that the glass in these kinds of coffee tables is just a random decoration, that is where you are wrong. Having a glass coffee table adds an illusion of having a bigger space. It even allows you to show off your inexpensive table runners and beautiful rug!

7. Compact dining set

These will help you a lot in saving space. Most homeowners are having trouble setting up their dining area because it tends to be bulky. With a compact dining set,  you do not have to worry about this. This dining set is cleverly designed, so you can enjoy a hearty dinner on a good dining set, and put it away once you are finished eating. 

8. Wall shelves

Rooms look more cluttered because a lot of things are taking up space on your floor. If you are having trouble with storage, think about your walls. You can mount wall racks here or wall shelving. This way, you will free up lots of space on the floor. You can now get that cute furniture piece you have been eyeing on!

Research online for more inspiration about the design style you are going for your house or take up interior design courses to widen your knowledge about home decorating.

9. Mirrors

Last but not the least, it is important to install Decorative Mirror in important places. This will give you the optical illusion of having a bigger space. If you also see storage cabinets that have mirrors, you should choose them. Install mirrors on awkward corners and spaces.

Get the best furniture items

Here are just some of the furniture items and other tips for you to maximize the space in your home. It is one thing to know what you need, but it is another thing that you know where to get it. Research online for more inspiration about the design style you are going for your house. Then, you can check out reliable online furniture shops, like storables.com. Here, they provide you with a wide range of options about the right furniture items that you need, and the right designs you want. From the simplest yet elegant designs to the unique and fun ones, they have you covered!

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