Commercial Kitchen Equipment Essentials

Charlotte Miller

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What are the essential items needed to equip a commercial kitchen?

There are different requirements for a commercial kitchen and a domestic one, but each serves a similar purpose. Let’s look at the basics of equipment needed to ensure that a commercial kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently.

Ovens And Microwaves

Kitchens are essentially for cooking. A commercial kitchen will need an oven or preferably more than one, as well as a hob and more than likely a grill. Whether the kitchen uses gas or electricity, it will be down to the location and available utilities. Many modern kitchens will also have microwaves, especially where there are pre-cooked meals on offer for convenience. These cooking devices are the first to consider when you are planning your commercial kitchen design.

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Refrigerators and Freezers

The second essential appliances we want to talk about are refrigerators and freezers. Both are essential in commercial kitchens for keeping food and other ingredients cool or frozen for bulk use. There is a great selection of quality modern refrigeration equipment at Iron Mountain Refrigeration and Equipment who are a leading supplier of the latest products in the field.

If you are new to the game, it is definitely worth getting up to speed with current refrigerant regulations as many substances once used in refrigeration have been banned because they are responsible for damaging the environment. The appliances sold by the leading supplier mentioned above are all eco-friendly and comply with the laws.  

Food Processors and Mixers

Food processors and mixers of many kinds are used in kitchens throughout the hospitality industry to create and mix ingredients for a wide range of meals. These devices come from a vast array of brands – many of the household names – and the commercial equivalent of the home mixer will be more robust, capable, and have greater capacity. Food processors are also found in a wide range of models and with different purposes. It’s worth considering what is going to be on your menu if you are sure to buy the best equipment for the job.

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Prep Counters and Cleaning Areas

Among the more sophisticated items needed in the commercial kitchen we also have the basic examples such as food prep counters. Usually made from wipe down aluminum or steel and equipped with chopping boards and other accessories, these busy areas need careful planning if your kitchen is to run smoothly.

As for cleaning, we’re talking about sink units that are used for washing utensils and other items, and there is a strong case for installing a commercial grade dishwasher if you are going to be dealing with large amounts of crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils that need cleaning.

Food Prep Counters also are very essential in commercial kitchens nowadays. It looks best in your kitchen.

Safety Equipment

When planning and budgeting for a commercial kitchen installation you need to think carefully about safety equipment. Accidents in commercial kitchens are not uncommon so first aid kits must be installed in easy to reach locations that are signposted clearly. Fire is also a risk, hence the need for similarly highlighted extinguishers and fire blankets. We also recommend you book some worthy members of staff onto a recognized first aid training course.

Maintenance is really important for every kitchen equipment so, prefer the best commercial refrigeration repair service to make your equipment long life.


The above is not a comprehensive list – you’ll also need to consider vents and extractor fans to enable the kitchen for sale to remain a comfortable place to work – but these are the items that make up the basics when planning and budgeting for a new commercial kitchen.

Whether for a fast-food outlet, a quality restaurant or a hotel kitchen, each of the above items and appliances has a role to play in making things run smoothly, safely and efficiently in your kitchen.