Cluttercore: How To Embrace Clutter In Your Home In Style

Charlotte Miller

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Almost all popular interior design themes have one thing in common: clutter-free areas. And who doesn’t like clean, organized, and clutter-free spaces? But the truth of the matter is, it is almost important to keep such an area clutter-free for a long time. When different members of the family live in a home especially with kids, things are bound to get messy no matter how much one tries. The more members that live together, the greater are their possessions. All this stuff takes space making it very difficult to maintain that minimalist environment in your home. 

This is the basis for the newest trend in interior design: cluttercore. ClutterCore is an anti-minimalist design theme, a maximalist approach if you may, where you embrace your clutter as part of the design and still make everything work. If you want to design or renovate your home, you can choose this design theme and hire the services of a professional interior design company who will help you in designing your home based on your unique requirements and preferences. 

However, there are still some decisions that you will have to make of which possessions to keep and where. Here, we will discuss some ingenious ways of how you can embrace clutter in style.

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Surround Yourself With Small Comfort Objects

One of the ways in which you can arrange your possessions and objects is to surround your living room with small objects that bring you comfort. Everytime we go on a holiday, we usually bring souvenirs and mementos with which we associate so many good memories. Placing them in the living room not only helps uplift the room’s appearance but also brings diversity to the design. These small objects can be placed on the side tables or shelves in the TV console. Due to their small size, they will not become too overwhelming and will serve as a constant reminder of your beautiful memories. 

Keep Symmetry In Clutter

As we have established the fact that there is bound to be stuff that needs to be placed in the rooms whether you like it or not, you have to make sure that they do not create a mess. An excellent way to achieve this is to arrange and organize them in some form of symmetry. The sides of the room should be balanced so that things don’t look out of place. All the furniture pieces should balance each other out. If a three-seater sofa is beside one wall, the opposite wall could feature two armchairs. You can fill in the gaps with side tables, wall art, and other ornaments.

Open Shelves In The Kitchen 

The kitchen contains lots of possessions in the form of pots, dishes, and other essentials. One way to organize them in the kitchen is to incorporate open shelves and place all the dishes in symmetry in them. You can add a kitchen island and add shelves in it for showcasing all your crockery and other essentials. For adding a unique twist to this design, you can showcase books in those island shelves. The kitchen walls can be adorned with wall hangings or other art pieces with hanging ladles and spoons. Combine all this with modern lighting and you get a beautiful maximalist design.

Group Things Based On Color Or Size

When organizing your possessions and other essentials, it is imperative that you group them in some proper way so that they do not look messy, but help to enhance the room’s appearance. While grouping, you can choose to either group them according to color or through size. For example, if you have photo frames, decor items, ceramics, and books on a console, you can arrange them according to size. Place a few of these elements of the same size on one side and others on the other side. Or, you can select the pieces that are of the same color or hues and place them together. You can arrange them in a way so that the colors transition smoothly from left to right or you can place groups of color that contrast right next to each other. 

Add Lots Of Wall Art

Another way that you can embrace clutter in style is to make things hanging instead of placing them on the floor or on tables. You can incorporate shelves on the wall and add decor items or books on them. Adorn your walls with wall art and try to arrange them in some form of symmetry. Instead of placing pots on the ground, hang them by placing them in straw baskets. This will help create a beautiful appearance while still being maximalist.