Choose Your Shoes Wisely- They Are Your Identity

Charlotte Miller

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Choose Your Shoes Wisely- They Are Your Identity

Are you aware that the type of style statement we put across to the world could say something about our personality traits? This rule is not restricted to clothes alone; it is true even for the shoes you wear.

Be it the men office shoes or your dress shoes, they each have a personality tainted to it. Hence, the need for you to pick the right pair is essential as they convey something that you aren’t. Let us look at the various men’s shoes available and the traits they convey.

These boots are designed to protect your feet from injury by falling objects. They have upper leather and are fitted with nonskid soles. They are oil resistant too. While choosing a work boot, wear the socks you would wear for work. This will help in getting the fit correct. An extra tip: always try the work boot at the end of the day. With your feet walking around for the whole day, there could be a swell, and you sure shouldn’t be uncomfortable in your new pair.

Personality: You would come across as a practical person when wearing this pair. It reflects a man’s personality who is willing to take up the challenges that come his way.

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  • Boat Shoe

Also known as deck shoes, they have cut stripes on their rubber soles to provide more traction on the wet boat decks. They are typically made of canvas or high-quality leather. You are to wear these shoes without socks or if you want to wear one, buy a pair of socks that are meant for boat shoes. Always buy the boat shoe one size smaller than your normal shoes. They stretch out and get loose as you use them. This is one of the most comfortable shoes that you will own.

Personality: They give an impression of a natural, cool attitude. It represents the style of the voyager.

  • Chukka Boot

These are usually ankle-high boots made of leather. They have two pairs of eyelets or a buckle with a strap. This is a casual boot that can also look good on your dress pants and suits, provided your boots are sleek. The plus point of these boots is that you can wear them all year around. 

Personality: This is for the laid-back guy in you. Wearing this pair conveys that you are aware of the style trends.

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  • Oxford

Oxfords are the finest footwear for men and a go-to choice for men’s office shoes. Having their origins in Scotland and Ireland, they derive their name from the fact that the rebel students of Oxford wore them. This is the best formal footwear you can have and must be teamed up with dress pants only. Never pair a brown oxford with black suits, while black oxfords can be paired with any color.

Personality: When you wear this classic beauty, you come across as a guy who appreciates and recognizes his tradition. You will be particular about your tailored suit too. You will be a person who goes into the details. While you come across as formal by the day, you can also be the guy with rolled-up jeans at night.

  • Loafer

Hanging at the border of being formal or casual, they are more like the smarter version of boat shoes. A black loafer shoe men is a must in every shoe closet. Wear your loafer with the no show socks. It is a win-win: you get the sockless look while still protecting your feet from the sweat.

Personality: Its slip-on nature and aesthetics make it the choice for you if you are the person who goes to work by the day and parties hard at night. You are very responsible. With loafer shoes on, you come as the personality who echoes “what you see is what you get”.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are no longer just gym shoes. It has rubber soles that are primarily designed for sporting activities, but that shouldn’t stop you from pairing them up with your jeans and the T-shirt. While picking a pair, try sticking to the old school sneakers. They have a vintage touch with them.

Personality: Wearing sneakers conveys that age is just a number for you. You are energetic, ageless and move at ease with all. You are very versatile and mingle with everyone.

  • Clogs

These are shoes traditionally made of wooden soles and are backless. In earlier years, they were mostly worn by workmen in farms and mines. Rubber clog shoes are also available. They are both comfortable and durable shoes.

Personality: When you decide to wear the clog, you are going to give an impression of an outdoor person with an open spirit. You are very generous and nurturing.

Last few words

Not only the style of your shoes, the condition and color of them also depict certain traits. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to be extra cautious while buying a pair and take good care of them. You can now buy quality products at the best price online. Be it the formal men’s office shoes or the black loafer shoes for men, at the end of the day, whatever you decide to wear, be confident with walking in them. Shoes, ultimately, are one of man’s prized possessions.