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Checking your account balance is crucial for effective financial management and staying aware of your financial situation. It helps you make informed decisions, detect unauthorized transactions, avoid overdrawing your account, and track your savings progress. By regularly monitoring your balance, you can maintain financial awareness, security, and control over your money, ensuring that you are on track to meet your financial goals and avoid any unnecessary fees or penalties. Industrial Development Bank of India provides different ways to check the account balance. Checking through IDBI Bank Passbook is one of the ways. But, let’s first have a clear understanding of what a Bank passbook is and how to get it.

What is a bank passbook?

A bank passbook is a physical booklet or document issued by a bank to its customers to record and track their banking transactions. It serves as a record of all the deposits, withdrawals, and other account activities. The passbook contains essential details such as the date, transaction description, and transaction amount for each entry. It also includes the running balance, which shows the remaining funds in the account after each transaction. The bank passbook provides a convenient and tangible way for customers to keep track of their account activities and serves as an official record of their banking transactions.

How to get an IDBI Bank Passbook?

  1. Visit the nearest IDBI Bank branch: 

Locate the nearest IDBI Bank branch in your area.

  1. Carry required documents:

 Take along the necessary documents such as identity proof, address proof, and passport-size photographs. You may also need to provide your PAN (Permanent Account Number) card or Aadhaar card as per the bank’s requirements.

  1. Approach the customer service desk:

 Inform the bank staff that you would like to open an account and request a passbook.

  1. Complete the account opening process: 

Fill out the account opening form with accurate details and submit the required documents. The bank representative will guide you through the process and assist with any queries you may have.

  1. Provide an initial deposit: 

Some banks may require an initial deposit amount to open the account. Check with the bank representative about the minimum deposit amount and provide the necessary funds.

  1. Provide specimen signatures:

 You may be asked to provide your specimen signatures for verification purposes.

  1. Receive your passbook: 

Once the account opening process is complete, the bank will provide you with an IDBI Bank passbook. Ensure that all the details mentioned in the passbook are accurate.

Things we can do with an IDBI Bank Passbook

An IDBI Bank passbook serves multiple purposes. It allows you to track and record your account transactions, check your current balance, view a summary of recent activities, provide proof of transactions, verify your account, and receive updates by visiting the bank branch. It is an essential tool for managing your finances and maintaining a record of your banking activities.

How to check your IDBI Account balance through Passbook?

 To check your IDBI Bank balance using a passbook, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest IDBI Bank branch.
  2. Carry your passbook with you.
  3. Approach the bank representative at the counter.
  4. Request the bank representative to update your passbook.
  5. Hand over your passbook to the bank representative for updating.
  6. The bank representative will update your passbook with the latest transactions and account balance information.
  7. Once the passbook is updated, collect it from the bank representative.
  8. Open your passbook and refer to the updated entries to check your IDBI Bank balance.

Note: It is advisable to carry a valid ID proof along with your passbook for verification purposes, as required by the bank.

With the progress of digital technology, banks have transitioned their operations to digital platforms. Major banks like the Bank of Maharastra offer their customers various ways to check their account balances digitally. It saves a lot of time as customers can access their accounts without going to the bank. Bank of Maharastra balance check can be done in different ways.

  1. Mobile Banking App:

 Bank of Maharashtra provides a mobile banking app that allows customers to check their account balance conveniently. Users can download the app from their respective app stores, register their accounts, and access balance inquiry features within the app.

  1. Internet Banking:

 Customers can log in to Bank of Maharashtra’s internet banking portal using their credentials. Once logged in, they can navigate to the account balance section to view their current balance and transaction history.

  1. Missed Call Service:

 Bank of Maharashtra provides a missed call service for balance inquiry. Customers need to ensure that their valid mobile number is registered with the bank. They can then give a missed call to the bank of Maharastra balance check numbers 1800-102-2636/1800-233-4526 and the bank will send an SMS with the account balance details to their registered mobile number.

  1. SMS Banking:

By registering their mobile number for SMS banking with Bank of Maharashtra, customers can send an SMS with a specified keyword to the Bank of Maharastra balance check number 9223181818  to receive their account balance information through SMS.

  1. ATM:

 Customers can visit Bank of Maharashtra ATMs and use their debit cards to check their account balance. They need to insert their card, enter their PIN, and select the “Balance Inquiry” option on the ATM screen.

  1. Customer Care: 

Customers can contact Bank of Maharashtra’s customer care helpline or customer service desk to inquire about their account balance. They need to provide their account details to the customer care representative, who will assist them in checking their balance.

These digital methods provide customers with convenient and instant access to their Bank of Maharashtra account balances, allowing them to stay updated on their financial status at any time.

Comparison of digital services and Passbook

Features Digital Banking Services Passbook
Convenience Can be accessed anytime, anywhere Requires physical visit to the bank
Real-time Information Instant updates on account activities Delayed updates
Transaction History Detailed transaction records available Limited transaction details
Accessibility Mobile apps, internet banking, SMS Limited to physical passbook
Efficiency Quick and efficient account management Manual recording and updating
Security Secure login, encryption, and OTP Risk of loss or theft
Cost May incur internet or data charges No additional costs
Environment-friendly Paperless transactions and statements Paper-based records

It’s important to note that digital banking services offer greater convenience, real-time information, and accessibility compared to traditional passbooks. They provide instant updates on account activities, detailed transaction history, and can be accessed through various channels like mobile apps, internet banking, and SMS. Digital banking services are efficient, secure, and promote paperless transactions, making them more environmentally friendly. However, passbooks still offer a physical record and can be useful for those who prefer a tangible copy of their transaction details.