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CC Full Form: What Is The Full Form Of CC?

by Ragini Salampure
Full Form Of CC

In this article we are going to know CC full form

CC Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of CC?

The Full Form Of CC is Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter.

C= Cubic

C= Capacity


C= Cubic

C= Centimeter.

Below We Are Going To Explain The Meaning Of CC,

CC Full Form

CC Full Form

Find The Meaning Of CC

What Is The Meaning Of CC?

The Meaning Of CC,

(i) CC: Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter

CC also stands for Cubic Capacity. It refers to the capacity and size of an engine. It defines the volume of the cylinder of the vehicle between the Piston Top Dead Center (TDC) and Bottom Dead Center (BDC), the actual cylinder volume where the combustion takes place. So, if the CC of an engine is more, the fuel combustion and the power of the engine will be more. The cubic capacity is usually measured in cubic centimeters.

A cubic centimeter is calculated as:

1 Cubic Centimeter (CC) = 1 cm * 1 cm * 1 cm

(ii) CC: Carbon Copy

CC is also used as an abbreviation of carbon copy. This term comes from carbon copying in which a carbon copy is created by placing a carbon paper between two sheets and writing on the upper sheet. When you put your pen’s tip on the top sheet and press it to write something, it leaves a duplicate mark as it is on the second sheet. You can create more carbon copies by placing more carbon papers and paper sheets between the top and bottom papers.

This term is very popular on the internet between email users. Some people keep their email id in the CC field along with the name of the recipients. The CC field is also used to send a message to more than one recipient. There is also a term BCC used in the email. BCC stands for blank carbon copy.

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Find The Abbreviation Of Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter.

What Is The Abbreviation Of Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter?

The Abbreviation Of Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter Is CC.

Cubic= C

Capacity= C


Cubic= C

Centimeter= C.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does 150cc mean?

150cc is 150 cubic centimeters, which implies it’s fast.

  • What is CC in Instagram?

P.C.- Picture Courtesy/Credit (the person who takes your photo) E.C.- Editing Credits (person who edits your photo) C.C.- Caption Credit/Courtesy (The person suggests the Caption for your photo) S.C.- Selection Credit (Credit to the actual one that chooses/recommends the image to post)

  • What is the CC?

Cc: – Put the e-mail address here if you’re sending a replica for his or her information (and you would like everyone to explicitly see this)

Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) – Put the e-mail address here if you’re sending them a replica and you are doing not want the opposite recipients to ascertain that you simply sent it to the present contact.

  • What does CC mean on social media?

Carbon Copy

CC stands for Carbon Copy.

In social media, business emails, the CC field is usually wont to show the recipient that other important people are conscious of the e-mail and therefore the message.

  • What is CC in text?

The abbreviation “CC” refers to “carbon copy” or “courtesy copy.” everyone listed as a CC recipient receives a replica of the e-mail and may see the list of CC recipients. People listed under “BCC,” which stands for “blind carbon,” also get a replica of the message, but nobody else can see that they received it.

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CC Full Form In English?

What Is Fullform Of CC?

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What Is Abbreviation Of Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter?

Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter   Abbreviation In English?

What Is Short Form Of Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter?

CC Meaning In English?

What Is Meaning Of CC?

CC Full Form

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