Career opportunities after a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course

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Career opportunities after a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course

Career opportunities after a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course

Bachelor of computer application or BCA is the most sought-after computer programming undergrad course opted for by students who wish to become software engineers. The course provides all the theoretical and practical knowledge to students that they may require for becoming software or computer programmers. Various job positions can be taken by an individual upon completion of the BCA course taught by professional universities. Considered one of the most technology-intensive science courses, students obtain in-depth knowledge about technology that they can apply in their daily life as well as jobs. 

Students obtain knowledge about networking, programming, and different coding languages like Java and C++. Completions of a BCA undergraduate course can open doors to immense opportunities for students that can benefit them in the long run. We have listed the best career options for BCA graduate students that can help them explore new paths. These can improve overall learning capabilities and contribute to their career goals. 

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  1. Opting for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) course:

A Master of business administration or MBA serves as the best post-graduate course that can be taken by BCA graduates. The courses can help in broadening the overall learning horizon and scope of BCA graduates and help them obtain better jobs in tech and other allied sectors. One can easily take up management positions and therefore improve their overall knowledge and capabilities. Moreover, the chances of earning better career opportunities and better pay scale or enhanced upon completion of an MBA. One can easily become a marketing and project manager or a business consultant.

  1. Thinking about a career in data science:

Data science as a career has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more companies have started to realize the importance of data science and therefore hire individuals with knowledge in various sectors. A data scientist is responsible for managing and analyzing huge chunks of business data and therefore delivering analytical information from the same. A data science course is required to be completed that can help individuals obtain knowledge about big data, predictive analysis, machine learning, and language processing. Considered one of the most popular and high-paying jobs, data science can easily become the best career goal for BCA graduates who wish to use their knowledge and skills effectively.

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  1. Becoming a digital marketer:

Digital marketing is also another great career opportunity that BCA graduates can think of. Almost every business enterprise has realized the importance of digital marketing and therefore hires individuals who can help in improving their overall online presence. Various job positions like SEO analyst, social media expert, or UI/UX designer can be taken up by an individual. Dedicated digital marketing courses and certification solutions are made available online that can help students procure knowledge about the same. Search engine optimization, online digital marketing, and knowledge about various tools like Google Analytics can be procured.

  1. Understanding the Blockchain technology:

Students must be aware of bitcoins and the technology they are based upon. Blockchain is a lucrative industry that has grown exponentially in recent times. Obtaining knowledge about Blockchain technology and using the same can help individuals take up important job positions in various companies. A Blockchain developer can help businesses in managing their data over computer networks. Moreover, one can improve the overall chances of earning lucratively through knowledge about the Blockchain as well.

  1. Becoming an ethical hacker:

Ethical hacking serves as a boon for various technology-intensive and software companies. An individual can easily become a social security expert and use his or her knowledge to find errors in programming and network securities. This can enable individuals to take up important job positions in organizations as well as use their knowledge to earn a higher income. Various prestigious organizations look for security experts and hackers who can help in locating errors in software development and holes in security policy. One must however procure dedicated knowledge about cryptography networking application security and substantial experience before applying for the job position of a security expert in a dedicated company.

Apart from all the fields mentioned above, one can even opt for a master’s in computer application that serves as a postgraduate course after BCA. In-depth knowledge about computer programming, system analysis, and troubleshooting can be procured. Moreover, students can take up better projects that can help them personally as well as career-wise. Students can easily find BCA online classes delivered by Online Manipal that can help them to complete a BCA as well as an MCA course online. All the necessary learning solutions, certification-based courses, and support services are made available through such applications that are free to download on smart devices. 

A Bachelor of computer science is the most rewarding course that an individual can take up. Various career opportunities are available for BCA graduates that they can take up for a better career. Moreover one can easily opt for other professional courses as they want to improve their knowledge and for better career opportunities.