Can We Safely Reuse KN95 Masks?

Charlotte Miller

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Overview About KN95 Masks:

KN95 masks are personal protection devices to provide airborne particles with very effective filtration. With the edges of the face mask creating a seal around the nose and lips, they are designed in such a way to create a very similar facial fit. As worn appropriately, 95% of small particles, including pollen, bacteria, and viruses, can be filtered out. KN95 masks are classified as a negative pressure respirator, which means that the air pressure within the mask is negative for the air pressure outside the mask during inhalation.

When wearing the face mask, this will result in less oxygen and more carbon dioxide being inhaled and should thus not get used for a large amount of time.

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Before putting on a KN95 mask, anyone with lung, heart, or other medical conditions should contact their health care provider. As it makes it harder to breathe while wearing it. You should remove it and not wear it again if you have shortness of breath, somnolence, dizziness, headache, nausea, or blurred vision while wearing a KN95 mask before, get in touch with your healthcare provider, whether you should continue wearing a KN95 mask. You can’t share your KN95 face mask with anyone to avoid being unintentionally able to infect others. You should remove it, discard it properly, and replace it with a new one if your KN95 Masks are scratched or soiled.

Since kids and individuals with facial hair can not attain a proper match, the KN95 face mask can not offer maximum protection. So in this article, We will discuss the best protective equipments in order, are these protective equipments like KN95 reusable, and if yes, 

what can be the several ways of decontaminating it from all microbes without affecting the mask?

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 How to Choose the Best Protective Equipment in Order?

The various number of face masks, which appear to be KN95 or N95 standards, have an insufficient degree of security and are likely to be items that are of not good quality followed by false or deceptive documents. Filtering facepiece respirators can also be known as these face masks. so follow these tips to find the protective equipment are discussed below:

1)Equipment Certified BY NIOSH-Certified: This should be the first preference.

2)Equipment manufactured outside China: Equipment accredited in compliance with non-Chinese Country’s requirements is your second preference.

3)Equipment made in China: Check for equipment manufactured in China by a NIOSH certificate holder. Look for equipment accredited by requirements developed by the Chinese people, if not used.

4.Other Face masks: Face masks, such as surgical masks, operation masks, cloth masks, etc., should be the last option.

Is KN95 Mask Reusable?

There have been several types of research based on the reuse process of the KN95 mask and the answer is no. It is not reusable. You were in direct contact with the patient. The masks get soaked in blood or, you can also check the tests which are done on the Face masks to know their effectiveness that we will discuss below. But the CDC has provided some guidelines which you can follow to decontaminate your mask without any hassle.

Tips to follow for Decontaminate your Masks are:

1)  You Should always use a hand sanitizer with at-most 60% Alcohol or wash your hands properly before and after touching the protective equipment.

2) Always Resist touching the interiors of the mask.

3) Always double-check that you are wearing a clean pair of gloves every-time you are trying to decontaminate.

4) When you are washing your face mask, make sure you do not face fitting issues the next time you wear them.

5) Always Keep in mind to check whether the quality of the mask has been increased or decreased after decontaminating it because Mask important components like straps and nose foam material did not degrade because it can heavily affect the quality of the equipment

6) Most important tip, which you can keep in your mind, never leaves your used mask exposed, where it can lead to other people touch it or use it.

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Top Three tricks To check The mask Efficiency after decontaminating it 

1) Flammability Test- If you have decontaminated your mask correctly and if it is working at its full efficiency, then the KN95 Masks will not be ignited when in contact with flames

2) Permeability Resistant– If you have followed the correct decontamination instructions correctly, then the KN95 will limit the air low as properly as the new KN95.

3) Liquid flow- If the mask decontamination procedure is done well and operates to its highest performance, Water flow gets halted, while if the mask does not function as required, it will not help stop the flow of water.


There are several benefits of using a KN95 mask and the people who do not have much availability of the face masks in your areas, for them using the decontamination process and the efficiency test which we discussed above, and can provide them new confidence which is necessary as a pandemic is increasing day by day