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Bought your guitar? What’s next?

by Aishwarya
Bought your guitar


Congratulations! Your dream has come true; you’ve bought your new guitar and are looking at the gadgets that could go along with it.

In fact, despite the joyful moment, you might be feeling a little lost? Could that be because you are missing some key points and a perfect set of headphones? Keep reading, and we just may have an answer for you.

Before you start playing and practicing your guitar skills, make sure to get a guitar amp and a good pair of headphones to accompany it. Both are available online, but to make sure that you get the best headphones for guitar amps of 2021 – do your due diligence, as getting a good pair will serve you for ages.

Holding guitar in the right way:

First of all, you need to learn how to hold your guitar in the right way. It doesn’t matter how your favorite singer holds the guitar. You must discover the right style in which you also feel comfortable and can also play all the chords.

Always set up your guitar chords before playing:

Either you have bought a new guitar or a used one, you will fancy having it adjusted professionally. Alas! That’s not the case. Especially if you have bought your guitar online, then it’s subject to many changes from packaging to delivery at your doorstep. In case you have bought it from some music store, demand a full set-up of chords. Otherwise, hire a pro to enjoy to its fullest. 

Using the right type of chords: 

Some people might advise you to use heavy chords at the beginning, which is so untrue. Go for the lighter strings, which are easy to practice and give good sound quality.

Cleaning your guitar timely:

If you are using your guitar only for some time each day, you only need to clean your guitar a few times a year. Don’t use any type of cleaners for this purpose. Only use the ones specially formulated for this purpose.

Buying the right type of guitar amp:

Let’s get settled with the guitar amp now. Always use the right kind of guitar amp which suits and supports the kind of music you play. Always use an amp of standard size. It should be neither so big nor too small. 

Headphones for guitar amp:

With such a huge market, it gets difficult to choose the right type of headphones to suit your needs. For this, you first need to determine the kind of musician you are and the type of place you usually play your music. We have shortlisted three headphones for your ease.

List of top 3 headphones:

  • Boss WAZA-AIR: 

These revolutionary headphones come with an in-built amp. It will take your guitar experience to a new level with wireless connectivity to roam as you desire. It works best with high metal music. It is made with high-quality material, and its perfect fit will give you a lifelong experience. Its battery life is only up to 5 hours which might annoy you a bit.


For people with a versatile choice of music, this is the perfect pick. IT can be used either with a detachable wire or in a wireless mode. With 40-hour battery life and great sound quality, this piece is perfect for finding its place on your shelf. This piece is bulky in size, which is negative on its part.

  • SONY MDR-7506: 

It’s a value-packed headphone made by SONY Company. Its perfect size, right headphones, and affordable price are perfect for regular use. Apart from being affordable, its quality is high-end with neutral colors. It has a non-detachable wire and also has no Bluetooth option.


If you are spending your precious time on a guitar, then it’s good to do so with proper equipment, so you also pluck like a pro.


Q: Can any headphones be used with a guitar amp?

ANS: Most headphones get connected with a guitar amp unless they have the same size guitar cable.

Q: Is it necessary to wear headphones?

ANS: Guitarists wear headphones to improve their timing and to be on time with track and other musicians. If you are not professional, you can skip using it.

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