Bitcoin Payment Service, Is It Very Similar To Ordinary Credit Cards?

Charlotte Miller

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Bitcoin is the most successful virtual currency ever created. It is a very secure mode of payment with appropriate caution; an individual can make and receive a payment within domestic or international boundaries without compromising his data. Considering the popularity of bitcoin, many firms have started to accept bitcoin in their stores and started giving payments regarding crypto payments. It owes these bitcoin payment facilities as it has an excellent hand in giving flexibility to the entire exchange.

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This article will shed some light on the mechanism of bitcoin payment services with its merits, some additional charges that a user must know about and some overview on how bitcoin payment service is detrimental for our traditional currency? Let’s get started.

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Meaning of Bitcoin Payment Service

Merchant facilities by bitcoin exchange enable a person in business to receive payment in the form of bitcoin from an individual for the product and services sold or transferred. This procedure is very much the same as credit card and debit card services. A recent survey shows that the circulation of bitcoin has increased in the economy after the introduction of payment services. It gives great freedom to the common public to trade in bitcoin in day to day life, which is overall benefitting the growth of bitcoin.

For your clarification, let’s take an example: you visit a shopping mall and buy some chocolates for your girlfriend, then swipe your card at the bill counter, and you are good to go. Similarly, one can make some purchases online by surfing the website of this particular mall. In the 2 cases mentioned above, the billing details are given to the shopping mall, and from there, the mall will verify card details by the respective credit or debit Card Company. Finally, you will get confirmation. Bitcoin Payment services run on the exact mechanism of a shopping complex as they act as middlemen between the buyer and seller.

Bitcoin exchange gives freedom to a merchant to receive payments, whether online or at a physical location, without even bothering about the typical background procedure running behind the scene.

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Working Of Bitcoin Payment Service

Bitcoin payment services deliver various modes for a merchant to deal in bitcoin payments in its business. These services also include answers for numerous platforms such as integration with E-Commerce and payment at the point of sale, i.e. within the store.

There are certain formalities for signing up with the bitcoin merchant service; there are certain legal formalities. First of all, a merchant can submit any government-approved id and then bitcoin will provide him with the wallet, in which he will receive payment from bitcoin users from all around the globe. For example, recently, a kid in Ethiopia made an app, which is very suitable for bitcoin payments.

Benefits of Bitcoin Payment Services

Bitcoin payment services are cheaper than a credit card as transaction cost is very low. For example, Bitpay charges only 1% of the entire amount of transaction, which is a very nominal amount, but transactions in a standard currency charge 2 to 3% so that you can check the difference in them both. Further, there is no extra charge if you are making an international transaction; you can pay anywhere in the entire world with the help of your phone or pc to the dealer’s account as per the preferred currency by the merchant.

Transparency is another merit as the transaction is crystal clear in the highly volatile rates within bitcoin and traditional currency. Moreover, these types of payments are very much safe for a merchant as due to the blockchain technology, their payment is in safe hands, and they also get an overview of the virtual world.

The trend of paying in bitcoin is increasing day by day, and it is a trustworthy mode of transaction, so start paying with bitcoin today.