Between Tiktok &  Instagram Who Is The Real Winner This Year

Charlotte Miller

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Since the time Tik Tok was introduced by Bytedance, it has become a global sensation. The number of TikTok followers on this platform has grown exponentially it has already grossed  1billion users. Also, they are adding more than 10 million users on daily basis. This app is available in more than 150 countries. 

But the Instagram is way ahead in social media marketing as Instagram users have a very strong presence on this social media. Many brands are investing a huge amount to explore this opportunity.

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During Pandemic Tik Tok Has Marched Way Ahead

Due to lockdown which was declared due to the covid-19 situation the popularity of Tik Tok and TikTok Followers has grown beyond any expectation. The number of users downloading this app has in some months has touched more than 100 million. As people had more time on their hands it was their natural instinct to make more videos a lot of trending videos were made during this period. As it was one of the few means of entertainment for people, also it distracted people from the worries and issue going on in the outside world. It has acted as the big winner during this time.

Many big brands have moved to Tik Tok so that they can capture the Generation Z market. As more and more brands have become inclined towards Tik Tok.

Comparison Between Its Features

What makes Tik Tok special is that it is very easy for all users. Short videos getting posted on social media have already granted permission earlier. Also lip-syncing, dancing, extreme comedy, or else pranks along with the different comedian acts can easily be recorded using this app.

Instagram had transferred the way we use our photographs and make stories in some format. Both the apps have e-commerce facilities. Instagram checkout and Instagram shopping feature are tempting options. Due to which companies can link their products directly to the users. Tik Tok has very similar options like Checkout wherein users can enjoy doing shopping. 

Tiko Tok does not have long videos option on the other hand Instagram has long video options which can last for 60 minutes this option is called IGTV, this option can help to earn money. Tik  Tok has a virtual currency option wherein one user can reward some kind of gift to the person who created that video. American users have spent a handsome amount of money to buy this kind of virtual coin currency. 

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Overall if you see Instagram is currently able to give good monetary benefits to its users but the only time we say what will happen in the future as the popularity of Tik Tok is growing with each passing day not only in China but it has a presence in more than 100 countries. The amount of time it has been downloaded is breaking new records with each given day. Many of the established apps are feeling the heat of the rising popularity of Tik Tok. As making videos is the favorite past time of many people so the day is not fair when Tik Tok will replace all the other social media behind and grab the number one position,