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Best VoIP trends to watch out currently

by Paresh Bramhane
Best VoIP trends to watch out currently

Since the year 2020 has been a real struggle. While you are already planning to look how to bring up your business again, keeping an eye on future technology trends is something not to ignore if you run a business. VoIP is one technology that must have been your success partner in the year 2020, and we are sure that seeing its benefits, you are going to continue with business Virtual Phone System in the current year and beyond.

 That is why knowing about the trends that will rule the VoIP industry in the year 2021 as well is more than imperative. So, here are our best picks.

● AI will lead the way

 AI or Artificial Intelligence is omnipresent, and we can’t turn an eye towards its viability in real-time situations. Don’t you surprise at times when Netflix suggests your recommendation based on your last seen show/movie, and you find it equally to-the-point? Such is the power of AI.

While every second thing is driven by AI today, VoIP will stay no behind in the coming times. It is likely to believe that around 85% of customer interactions will be without any human intervention by the near future. Call centers are already doing it by having IVR.

 IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a hosted phone system feature that helps a business to offer quick and reliable solutions to the customers’ queries without having any human interaction.  It will be little advance in the near future as predictions suggest that business VoIP phone service will be using AI bots. These bots will predict customer behavior and offer customized solutions.

● The hosted phone system will be the first choice for small business

 The hosted phone system has diminished the barriers to the business world’s entry. By shifting telephony over an internet connection and offering all the telephony resources at a fractional monthly rental, this communication system has helped many small businesses to come into the main picture.

As it doesn’t exert the demand to buy pricy hardware and software by the business, it has become the first choice of many start-ups. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years too. As per the predictions, the virtual PBX market is likely to have a 15.2% of CAGR during 2018-2024. Asia-Pacific will be the fastest-growing market in this segment. At first, Latin America is the largest market of a hosted phone system but we will see many new markets of it.

● 5G will come at the front

 We have heard about the launch of 5G for so long. Well, the wait is likely to get over is 2021 as 5G will go mainstream. Around 25 operators have already tested and deployed it. With the launch of 5G, you are going to enjoy 75% better data transmission speed, and a 47% reduction in the dropped calls incidents. So, be ready to enjoy a smooth calling experience.

● VoIP will offer support to IoT

You are likely to witness the epic merger of VoIP and IoT in 2021.  In the future, VoIP will outgrow the mere task of sending voice and video packets. It is likely to have the interconnecting ability with other devices like cameras and speakers and help you do more reliable and widespread data-transmission over your business IoT devices.

This hand-in-hand VoIP and IoT interconnectivity enable a business to leverage day-to-day operations at various levels and make business information readily available.

● You are likely to witness the death of analog phone system

 VoIP has made its entry in almost every sector. Now, people are using it for personal usage as well. In that case, we can easily conclude the death of analog phone system is approaching and can be witnessed it in the nearest future.

●      Security will hold prime importance in the coming times as well

 Though the internet is making our lives easier than ever, data security has always remained a matter of concern. There has been a 40% increment in cyberattacks incidence. Cyberattacks like phishing, network intrusion, and inadvertent disclosure have caused a million-dollar loss.

As VoIP is internet-enabled, it is likely to be prone to these attacks. The ideal way to curb all these incidents is to hire the best VoIP service provider.

● VoIP yearns for one-size-fit-all

 VoIP is trying to be the best bet for almost every sort of business communication needs. That is why virtual PBX offers more and more customization and deployment flexibility. You can even mix and match various plans based upon the per user requirement. You are likely to see more customized and flexible subscription plans in 2021.

As we come to an end

 The tangible benefits of VoIP make it the best bet when it comes to business communication. As more and more businesses are embracing it, it seems that there is no sundown in the VoIP world. All these trends also signify that VoIP is not only growing in terms of market share but is developing and striving hard to serve businesses of all sorts.

 So, are you using VoIP?

If not yet, then do it before the year ends.

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