Best Thriller Movies to Watch Now

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Best Thriller Movies to Watch Now

There’s nothing better than sitting down after a hard day and putting on a good movie, but there’s nothing worse than coming to find you don’t like the movie you chose! Today, we have made a list of our top picks for some of the best thriller movies to watch now to save you the disappointment! But before we start, there’s no better way to improve your experience watching movies at home than owning a large TV screen, click here for TV wall mounting facilities.


When Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) finds his home being broken into in the middle of the night, he’s shamed by his peers for not protecting his home. Ashamed, Hutch decides to track down the robbers for revenge in a bid to prove he is not a “Nobody”. While on his quest for a second chance to punish the thieves, all his built-up anger and rage leads him to get involved in a street fight. It soon comes to light that he picked a fight with the wrong person, Hutch finds himself on the hit list of a ruthless crime lord after attacking his brother. The intense fight scenes this movie includes make it bound to be one of the best thriller movies to watch now.

Bird Box

When a mysterious force begins to take over the world, Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) goes on a thrilling journey across the country in hopes of finding somewhere safe for herself and her two children. The twist is, the mysterious force seems to attack only when you see it, meaning no one has lived to see one of the creatures and lived to tell the tale. When setting out on their journey to find a haven, their only protection is a blindfold. With Bird Box’s mysterious yet thrilling story, talented actors, and interesting concept, it’s no surprise that it was the most-watched film on Netflix in its first 28 days of release.

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Uncut Gems

Howard (Adam Sandler), an experienced jeweller with a strong knack for getting himself in trouble struggles to balance his personal problems with his business problems. He finds himself in a situation much more dangerous than ever before when he manages to rack up a debt of $100,000 to a loan shark. Things go south when the lone shark finds out that Howard has placed a bet with the money he owes. As time goes on, Howard’s associates become angrier and angrier at him, with every attempt to fix his problems he makes things worse. Desperately, Howard decides to make an all-or-nothing bet to get himself out of the hole he has dug for himself.  With famous characters making an appearance playing themselves, such as “The Weeknd” and Kevin Garnett, Uncut gems is without a doubt one of the best thriller movies to watch now. Many critics have even claimed it to be Adam Sandler’s best performance of his career.


If you’re looking for a thriller movie that’s guaranteed to give you a good laugh, then you’re in luck. Ryan Reynolds plays the character of Wade Wilson, a quick-witted mercenary. Wade meets the love of his life and asks her to marry him. Soon after this, he receives the shocking news that he has terminal cancer. He desperately agrees to take part in experimental treatment to cure himself. The “treatment” turns out to be a cruel experiment that puts him through brutal torcher in an attempt to awaken his “mutant genes’ ‘. The experiment works, curing his cancer and leaving him with insane superpowers but leaves him badly scarred. When the lab burns down in the middle of the night Wade escapes captivity and sets out on a mission for revenge. When talking about the best thriller movies to watch now, Deadpool is without a doubt up there.  The movie takes a different approach to superhero films and undoubtedly paved the way for many other anti-hero stories that have made it to the big screen. Overall, it’s a brilliant watch with countless hysterical moments, it almost seems like Ryan Reynolds was born to play the role. 

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A Quiet Place

One movie that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish is A Quiet Place. After the world is ravaged aliens who are insanely sensitive to sound, yet blind. There are not many people left, Although, the people that are, communicate in sign language to avoid alerting the terrifying creatures. Survivors are forced to adjust to the new way of life in which they share the earth with aliens that are constantly anticipating the noise of a pin drop. Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) sets out on a mission to find the alien’s weakness in a desperate bid to secure the safety of his family. “A quiet place” is unique in terms of how it can be so intense yet very few words are said throughout the entire film. If you’re looking for something different, A Quiet Place is one of the best thriller movies to watch now.