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Charlotte Miller

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It is difficult to imagine a situation in which you have a phone, but you do not know where to press what to listen to music. Our selection of services is a guide for grandmothers, as well as the last checkpoint for a music lover. You will be convinced again – streaming services give you about the same thing, there are no fundamental differences, it’s all about micro-details and personal preferences.


Spotify is a streaming service that lets you listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts legally and for free. A little more, and it will start with us. Exclusive premieres and playlists for all occasions from Hanukkah to quarantine 

The most important thing: you definitely come here if you are sure that playlists and Swedes are the best promotion for popular music get Spotify Premium Free.

Save limit: up to 10,000 tracks

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Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s music service that provides access to millions of songs from the iTunes Store. Apple Music is still better than Spotify because it already exists in Russia. A media library, a page with recommendations for similar artists and genres, radio, and search for new Ones.

The most important thing: for everyone who collects the perfect media library; for those who are addicted to the logic of iOS devices and iOS software

Save limit: up to 100,000 tracks

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service and online storage for music. The service will be discontinued during this year and will be completely replaced by Youtube Music.

The most important thing: for those who were born and raised in Google, and we’re also going to meet old age in an embrace with a list of the names of their favorite bands

Save limit: up to 50,000 tracks