Best Recipes Every College Student Must Know

Charlotte Miller

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When schooling time nears, you should probably be saying “bye” to some of the meals you enjoy at home. At college, you will require several skills in the preparation of meals. Remember, you won’t stick to a single meal that you probably understand how to cook. A blend between one meal and another is necessary. It is essential to understand how to prepare almost every meal you will feel like eating at college. Therefore, you should find a tutor online and offline to educate you on preparing individual meals. Recipe preparations are currently more straightforward than before, and you can find them almost anywhere. In some parts of, you can navigate to understand how some of the meals get prepared more easily.   

Let’s scale down to some of the best recipes you must know as a college student. Are you set? Let’s get started.  

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  • Oatmeal

More often, you will wake up every morning yearning to at least much on some energy-giving meal. You may have several options such as buying from the cafeteria. However, you can consider preparing the oatmeal on your own without worrying about extra expenditures. It is one of the healthiest breakfasts that demands a set of simple instructions, and therefore, you won’t strain to learn new preparation ideas. 

  • Eggs

You will at most times buy some eggs and prepare them for friends or your ordinary course mate. Preparing eggs demands a few preparation steps, ingredients and therefore, you have no excuse to say that you do not know egg preparation. You can surf online, learn several ways of preparing eggs and implement the same when you feel hungry.

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  • Ramen Noodles

The cheapest way to beat hunger at a low price is the preparation of ramen noodles. Noodles are among the most accessible foods anyone can prepare. Some even come with preparation instructions, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about complex preparation procedures. 

Preparation of noodles takes different ways. It is therefore essential to establish a way you find suitable and implement the same while at college. 

  • Lunch wraps

The quickest and easiest foods are a better choice for the college student, perhaps because of their daily demanding routines and schedules. Learning how to prepare lunch wraps is one of the best ways of doing yourself a favor, especially when you have classes that demand attendance day in day out. There are endless possibilities of preparing the meal. Enjoy together with your friends. 

  • Homemade Pizza

It won’t take long to realize that your birthday is nearing. On a birthday, you will need a cake as a necessity. An additional pizza will make the birthday better. Therefore, learning to prepare a pizza in your own free time will give you a different touch in the upcoming celebration seasons. Learn together with friends to keep perfecting your skill. 

  • Chicken

Nothing brings a different touch into meals as chicken does. An adequately prepared chicken with a blend of other meals such as pilau sets college parties at a different level. You can consider learning some of the best ways to make a mouth-watering chicken and win the hearts of everyone who loves chicken.  

  • Rice

Rice is also another typical food you will need while at college. It is one of the best other sides for the chicken, and therefore, you have to prepare it in a more advanced way to enjoy. Get tutorials on online platforms or get an expert to train you on how to prepare your favorite side dish.  

  • Pasta

Dress up foods make meals fun and tasty. There are many kinds of pasta, and therefore, you should establish the styles you need to prepare. You can also consider learning the preparation steps in all types of pasta. 

  • Veggies

Veggies are one of the critical meals that help build up your body healthy. Therefore, if you need to become healthier all through your college life, you must first understand how to prepare veggies. They occur in various kinds and, therefore, the need to understand each of them.  

  • Mug desserts

You will at least need some dessert on a hot evening. Learning how to prepare desserts is a more straightforward process, and therefore, you will at least need to learn how to prepare some desserts. You can consider some of the best ingredients to give your dessert a unique taste. You can also consider selling the desserts to fellow students and earn extra coins.  


Understanding how to prepare several recipes gives you more excellent command of the kinds of meals you take. If you know how to prepare a particular meal, don’t get scared when most of your friends visit you for lunch, dinner, or supper. You can confidently prepare meals and enjoy them together with your friends.