Best Ramps for Your Pickup Truck

Charlotte Miller

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Your pickup truck allows you to move heavy machinery or equipment without purchasing a huge van. However, sometimes you need to transport a mountain bike or another piece of equipment that’s too heavy to lift. For especially heavy moves, truck ramps help you get everything loaded without breaking your back.

What Are the Best Truck Ramps?

The best truck ramps are simple to use and work with a variety of equipment. Arch ramps that fold up are popular because they’re easy to store in between jobs. Plate-top ramps work well if you’re looking for an ATV ramp, since the large top is optimized for wider wheels. Another popular style is the bed rack ramp, which sits in the bed of your truck for greater stability as you load your vehicle.

When you’re looking for the best truck ramps, the material is almost as important as the function. Ramps made of coated aluminum or steel are your best bets because they can withstand a lot of weight without bending or breaking. You also don’t have to worry about your equipment rusting if you’re working with treated metal, so you can load your gear in the rain.

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 How Much Do Truck Ramps Cost?

Truck ramps vary in price depending on their material, size, manufacturer, and weight capacity. Some truck ramps cost less than $150; others cost more than $500. The cheaper ramps tend to be for smaller equipment or trucks. For example, a motorcycle ramp costs less than a ramp for heavy-duty tractors because it does not have to hold up as much weight.

Most truck ramp manufacturers offer financing with their pricier models. If you qualify for financing based on your credit score and available down payment, you receive payment plan offers that last between three months and two years. Financing allows you to start using your equipment before you’ve finished paying for it, so submit an application if you’re eyeing a ramp that’s just out of your budget.

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How Do You Pick a Truck Ramp?

Choosing your truck ramp depends mostly on what you want to do with it. If you or a loved one has a physical handicap and you don’t have room for a wheelchair in your cab, you purchase a wheelchair ramp. If you love to go mountain biking and your bike is too heavy to lift, you buy an ATV ramp. The different styles of ramps are rated for different activities and weights, so read the product description carefully before you make a purchase.

Another consideration is the length of each ramp. Most truck ramps are between five and 10 feet long, giving you a different angle for loading. Unless you have a particularly short truck, a shorter ramp means a steeper angle, which is more work for you. Keep in mind your own strength and pickup height as you purchase your ramp.

Getting your ATV or wheelchair into your truck doesn’t have to be a back-breaking expedition if you find the truck ramp that works with your budget and lifestyle.