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Best Financial Planning Software: Pros and Cons

by Rohan Mathew
Best Financial Planning Software

Technological advancement always opens up opportunities to make work easier. With it comes an increase in productivity and convenience. It ensures you’ll do more within your allotted period. 

For financial advisers, financial planning software made their work more efficient. With it, they can set appropriate investment and retirement plans for clients. It also helps people who want a DIY approach to their financial planning efforts.

Today, we look at these programs to help you find the best financial planning software available. We will also look at the pros and cons of each one to help you pick the one that suits you. Read on and learn:


Here is one interesting tidbit about MoneyGuidePro. About 36.10% of personal financial software users rely on it. It happens to be one of the most comprehensive programs when it comes to financial planning.

One of its key features is in its visual presentation. It provides an engaging, user-friendly experience. It also has the Play Zone where you can project possible outcomes after taking different choices.

However, it doesn’t rely on cash flow analysis for its stock performance projections. Thus, it ends up providing less than reliable readings. 

It comes with subscription plans, starting at $50 for One. The Pro plan comes at $125 and Elite runs at $175.

eMoney Advisor

Another option to check out is eMoney Advisor. It offers an in-depth setup and detailed cash flow analysis. It is somewhat behind at 25% user base when asked from 1000 respondents. Despite this, you have effective software for your financial planning.

Its strength is in its financial feed. It provides real-time data, as well as alerts and news. The information helps advisers stay on top of various client and market situations.

It also has a set of plans with a free trial to start with. However, the features offered depend on the plan. For example, the Plus plan has a different set of perks when compared to the Growth plan.

Personal Capital

If you need free financial planning software to start, check out Personal Capital. The free version offers the necessary features for financial planning. 

These include the capability to link your financial accounts into one place. It also has a tool for finding hidden fees.

You also get its net worth tracker and goal trackers. It allows you to forecast retirement and college savings outcomes, as well as a built-in Robo-advisor. It’s useful when you’re figuring out umbrella insurance—whether it’s necessary for your business.

Try These Financial Planning Software Today

Financial planning software helps you through the tricky tedium in financial planning. Use these as a means to project certain parameters in your finances. It allows you to plan financial maneuvers and ensure stability. 

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